XtremepowerUS Energy Pool Pump Review

The swimming pool is the place where you enjoy for a while in the water. Thus, you need to keep your swimming pool water clear and fresh. The machine that is responsible for circulating clear water into the pools is the Swimming Pool Pump. Thus, you need an energy-efficient pump for your swimming pool. The XtremepowerUS Energy Efficient Variable 2 Speed pump is an ideal choice for you. It has the best L1 and L2 connector designs. It is highly energy-efficient and reduces the electric power consumption. The pump has 1.5HP with very smooth pipe fitting facility.

Follow The Best Wiring Diagram

You can quickly set the XtremepowerUS Energy Efficient Variable 2 Speed pump with the help of an easy wiring diagram. You do not need an electrician or have any prior knowledge in this field. Any lay person can easily do it. There are four wire supplies with two female blade connectors. You also need an electrical supply hot wire of 120 volts to connect with the 240 volts. You need to get the offer from a GFCI breaker to vacate the blade line connection on the switch.

Another hot wire goes into the clear blade line connection. The neutral wire goes to the green ground screw. You also need bare copper wires for hooking to the ground outside the pump housing. If you face any difficulty, you can immediately call the helpline number of the suppliers. They can effectively guide you in setting the pump.

The Top Benefits From This Product

It is very easy to install and is highly durable. It is highly energy-efficient. Thus, it saves a lot of money by cutting off the monthly electric bills. The Swimming Pool Pump entirely clears the entire water of your swimming pool in the most hygienic way. This pump is also widely used in spas, corporate swimming pools, heaters, etc.

The pump has been manufactured with the most advanced and updated technology. The brand offers a good guaranty and warranty schemes for the users. The price is also quite reasonable with flexible shipping facilities by online purchases. The machine is marked with safety seals. Thus, there are no chances or fears of any electrical hazards. Thus, this electrical product is an ideal choice for your home swimming pool.

The Main Features

  • It is suitable for 104 F water temperature
  • The inlet/outlet is 1.5 inches and 2 inches
  • It is thermally protected
  • The dimension is 24″ L x 12″ (H) x9″ (W)
  • The product is CSA Certified and ETL Listed
  • It is lodged in a heavy duty and lasting case
  • The product has two-speed switch feature
  • Power is 1HP 3450RPM/1700RPM, 115V
  • It has 4300GPH with Max 38FT and 7.5 AMP Specifications

The XtremepowerUS Energy Efficient Variable 2 Speed pump has far better features than any other water pump on the global market. The price is also lesser with more efficiency and durability. Excellent maintenance services are also provided by the suppliers for the customers anytime they need. Therefore, installing this pump is the wisest choice.