Types of Ground Pool Pumps

There are two kinds of man-made pools used for swimming: the in-ground and the above-ground pools. Ground pool pumps are specifically made for either kind. It is not ideal to use an in-ground pool pump for an above ground pool, and vice versa. Thus, if you are looking for ground pools pumps, be sure you get the right one for your pool. In the case of above-ground pools, most ground pool pumps differ in terms of horsepower and speed. The general rule is a bigger pool will need a more powerful pump, so using a 1/2 horsepower pool pump on an 18-foot ground pool is just not going to work, and will only consume more power without any results.

You can also choose your ground pool pumps based on speed. There is a single speed and variable speed.

Single Speed

Single speed ground pool pumps have only maximum horsepower, which means it is always working at full capacity. You will get the work done faster, but it will cost more to operate. This is a good kind of pump to get if you have a smaller sized above-ground pool.

single speed pool pump

Variable Speed Ground Pool Pumps

With this kind of ground pool pumps, you can manually adjust the speed to your preferred speed. It is the energy-saver pool pump.

You will also need to base your selection on the kind of filter used in the pump.  You have a choice between cartridge, sand, or diatomaceous earth (DE) kinds of filter.

Sand Filter

The sand filter is more maintenance-friendly. It uses sand beds to capture the debris and whatever contaminants may be found in the water. This is the oldest of the 3 filter choices, but are still considered very effective since it can collect dirt as small as 20 microns.

Cartridge Filter

This is the most common type of filter today for booster pool pumps. It’s simple to use and replace, and easy to shop for. Many users prefer this kind of filter because they believe it keeps the water clearer. It uses a fibrous, very think material to capture the debris and particles in the water.

pool pump variable speed

It is more effective than the sand cartridge but is also more expensive to maintain. However, you do save on energy costs because the cartridge filter can be used even under low pressure. This means your pool pump has a longer life span than the sand filtered pool pump.

DE Filter

This is the top of the line pool filter today, and the latest kind to be introduced to the market. It uses a porous powder from diatoms which is an environmentally friendly matter. It can filter particles as small as 2 microns and are comparatively much cheaper to operate.

In choosing your ground pool pump, be sure though to check the manual of your above ground pool for the recommended pump type.

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