Tips For A Good Looking Pool

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I don’t know about you but I love to be able to see my face in my pool’s surface just before I make a clean dive. Nothing gives me more pleasure than knowing that the water closing over me is clean and dirt free. You probably won’t feel that much pleasure if you stood at the edge of your pool and probably had to go down on your knees to see a shimmer of your image just because of the debris contained in the water. A clean pool is the pride and joy of any responsible owner. The following are tips to help you maintain an image reflecting pool.

• Pool Cleaning Equipment

A set of pool cleaning equipment that is well maintained will deliver excellent cleaning services. Make sure that your pumps filter basket and accompaniments are kept clean in order to ensure that it is excellent shape to clean your pool.

pool pump strainer basket

• Test Your Water

To test the safety of your pool, get a test kit and consistently test for the pool’s pit level, chlorine level and total alkalinity. The chlorine level of your pool if stable stalls bacteria and ensures that your pool is safe to swim in. The alkalinity of your pool should be tested in order to ensure the proper functioning of the chemicals in the water.

Ensure that you bring in a professional to test your water once every three months. You can have your pool tested for free at your local pool shop.

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pool water testing equipment

• Shock The Pool

Pool owners should endeavor to shock the pool from time to time. Shocking the pool ensures that the chlorine is effective in the discharge of its duties to decontaminate the water.

• Create a Cleaning Schedule

Sit down and carve out a cleaning timetable for your pool. You should build it around your free time so that you can dedicate your utmost attention to it. Finally, Use a good pool cleaner to clean all the parameters of your pool on a regular basis.