Sta-Rite SR400NA Max-E Pool Heater Review & Rating

The body of the heater is very compact and Rustproof Housing Sleek, the whole matte black enclosure is made of Dura-Glass, it is an exclusive Sta-Rite material that handles the heat and weathers the elements. This means that you get complete protection against the heat, and insulation for inside.

How It Works

Sta-Rite SR400NA Max-E 400,000 BTU Pool Heater is high energy efficient, and in fact, the top natural gas heater available in the market. It is 84% efficient, cutting the cost of the fuel by almost 20 percent if used correctly. The unit is very small in size, 34 x 27 x 33 inches and weighing 134 pounds. Max-E-Therm features an LED temperature readout with dual thermostat controls/ they help in choosing the right temperature. There are total 6-positions in the control panel for the regulation and PVC union connections. The exhaust gases of the unit is very low, and is certified for low NOx emissions. The emissions are far below than the industry standards.


The Sta-Rite SR400NA Max-E 400,000 BTU Pool Heater is very efficient, and cost as much as other in the market. The fuel consumption is going to be very small if you buy this heater. The heating of the water is instant, can capacity is very good. It can heat up medium to large sized pool area, without any considerable time difference.

Customer Support

Customer support of the company is good, and they will listen to your problem and try to solve it in least possible time. It is seen that most of the companies doesn’t bother after you buy their product, but not the case with Sta-Rite SR400NA Max-E 400,000 BTU Pool Heater. However, the company provides 1 year warranty, but anything could happen in the equipment. It is suggested to thoroughly check the customer support in your area.

Shape & Design

The shape is a round shape, with a space for the water pipe, and outlet. The design is simple and compact. It doesn’t need much space for working. When working, the body is not at high temperature. It gets fit into retro fitting, and doesn’t give problems.

Best Features
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  • The device is very lightweight , infact, lightest heater in its class
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  • The design is very compact, perfect for retro-fit installation
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  • Lower Operating Costs
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  • Works at 84% efficiency rating
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  • It is rated 1st in its class for highest energy efficiency
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  • The body handle heats like a pro. Thanks to the exclusive material used by the company.
Pros & Cons

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  • Heat up large size pool
  • Instant heating
  • Solid body
  • 84% efficient
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  • Expensive

Concluding, Sta-Rite SR400NA Max-E 400,000 BTU Pool Heater can warm good sized pool. Also, its efficiency is great, with so much of full to save. It is a great choice for big pool owners and spa lovers.

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