Smartpool NC22 Smartklean Review

Smartpool NC22 Smartkleen Robotic Pool Cleaner is the most simple and convenient robotic pool cleaners available in the market.  Each cycle of pool cleaning takes a maximum of two hours. It is easy to operate and handle. It is designed to clean in-ground and above the ground pools.  It is fully automatic just turn on the switch and it will start doing its job.  It is an ideal robotic cleaner for little smaller pools. The name “Smartkleen” truly lives up to its name by performing various functions of cleaning, scrubbing and filtering the pool.

The compact and lightweight body facilitates convenient handling and comes with a limited warranty of 1 year. The Smartkleen Robotic Pool Cleaner is built with an innovative function of quick drain which rapidly removes light weight waste. Being light in weight it does not bang in the walls. The smart navigation function enables it to change direction without getting stuck.  It cleans all kinds of pool surfaces like concrete, tiles or vinyl liner.

Best Features Of Smartpool NC22

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  • Intelligent navigation function for easy maneuvering
  • Quick drain technology helps in removing light debris.
  • It is programmed for 2 hour auto shut off, thus saving time.
  • It is not at all expensive, but makes for an easy purchase.
  • Light weight with attractive design.
  • The navigation system prevents it from banging in the walls of the pool.
  • Innovative technology helps it to quickly change its direction instead of hitting the wall.
  • Ideal for smaller pool.
  • No installation or assembly of parts is required, just simply plug in and turn on the power switch.
  • Smartpool NC22 Smartkleen Robotic Pool Cleaner’s bin can be easily cleaned by simply removing it and spraying water.
  • It filters the water and does not throw back the garbage or debris back into the pool.
  • The suction pump is very powerful to even vacuum the tiniest of the debris.
  • It delivers efficient and excellent performance.

Specifications Of Smartpool NC22

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  • The complete cleaning cycle process takes 2 hours with auto cut system.
  • Just weighs 18.35 pounds
  • 40 ft cable cord is attached to Smartkleen robotic pool cleaner.
  • Designed to clean 14′ x 28′ x 6′ deep pools.
  • The product dimensions are 13.25x15x17.5 inches.
  • It has 1 year of warranty.
  • The filter bag is securely placed inside the robot.

Pros & Cons Of Smartpool NC22 Smartklean

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  • Maximum functions at a less price.
  • Light in weight
  • 1 year warranty of SmartKleen robotic pool cleaner
  • Auto shut function after 2 hours
  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Highly innovative navigation system
  • Best for small pools
  • No hassles of installation and assembly of parts is required.
  • Multiple functions like scrubbing, vacuuming and filtration built in this product
  • Quick drain debris feature for removal of debris.
  • Easy cleaning of the bag.

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  • The Smartpool NC22 Smartkleen Robotic Pool Cleaner is not suitable for big pools and it cannot climb the walls.


Final Verdict

I am simply in love with Smartpool NC22 Smartkleen Good Robotic Pool Cleaner. It has made my life so much easy, cleaning the pool is now a fun task with this smart and convenient pool cleaner. It has earned maximum number of 5 star ratings on various portals. I am very sure all the people who have purchased this amazing machine must be completely satisfied with it. It is best suitable for small pools and cleans within 2 hours. It has a smart navigation function which enables to change directions. Equipped with a strong bag which inside it and you can easily take it out to clean once the job is done.

It has a few drawbacks too, like the 40 ft cord gives limited cleaning. And it is not equipped with non-tangling function which makes it quiet difficult when the cord gets entangled inside the pool. Over all, it is an excellent product if you skip the minuses.

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