Life’s better at the poolside! It’s more satisfying to add an area for entertainment or enjoyment in your yard. Smart pools transform your life. There are two options available when you have a backyard, either landscape it into a beautiful garden or construct a relaxing swimming pool.

Many would think of putting a pool with the garden. That way, you get the pleasures of a pool and then garden – relaxation, exercise, refreshment, etc. Where do you plan to build your pool? Building a pool requires several materials.

Selecting the pools should depend upon the space available in the yard and the desired designs, and the financial means. A small or narrow pool is the better option if your yard is small or awkward.

No matter how much space you have, architects and designers will help you scale it down to fit into a smaller yard. It adds a different charm to your sweet home. They’ve got other names- spools, plunge pools, wading pool, etc.

Now let us a look at the 30 different sorts of pools that you may have at your patio with varied styles and designs that fit your home’s features.

Some Great Small Pool Ideas

Mid-century renovation

It’s about simplicity, clean lines, getting away from ornamentation and molding, exposing the basic structure,” said Doug Kramer, a real estate agent specializing in modern residences.

The pool was designed by architect Roland.G.Roessner in the 1950s. The mid century modern created homes still seem to be innovative and classy and are known for open floors and vast expanses of glass and indoor-outdoor living.

The house features a new office with the enlarged 26800 square feet, which even consists of a two-bedroom guest house and a courtyard settled between the master bedroom and casita; that’s where the small pool fits.

small pool designs

Reflecting Pool

Plans by a remarkable architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen. Customized and modified by Anthony Wilder to cater to the homeowner’s aspirations.

Featuring an embedded LED lighting and glass railing makes it more fashionable. The design was inspired by Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool, Washington monument.

inground pool designs for small backyards

Letter Shaped Pool

The three brothers (Larry Amedeo and Graziano), founders of Alka pool from British Columbia, took over the Vancouver real estate market with their exclusive and more challenging pool designs.

The letter-shaped spools are designed and built by the Alka pool. This shallow pool serves as a bathing water feature equipped with an ultraviolet sanitizing system.

pool designs for small yards

Private Plunge

The best choice from many alternatives would be a private plunge alongside the patios. Designed by Aqua Blue to enjoy personal time with exceptional features built with concrete and an interior polish of Montserrat pebbles and Tahoe blue pebbles at the waterline and 12 by 14.6 foot. The Aqua Blue designs were established as a London swimming pool design company.

small backyard pool designs

Miami Cool

Miami Cool, designed by Craig Reynolds landscape architecture, allows their clients to retreat to a space that reflects their unique personality.

Miami Cool is emphasized by a square-cut Florida coral stone of 18 by 18 square feet. It’s their mission to create extraordinary outdoor spaces that increase and enhance lifestyle choices.

square pool designs


MHK has created a significant amount of respect in the design and construction industry. With a strong commitment to excellence and a desire to exceed their customers’ expectations. MHK architecture designed beachfront spools and spa that renders the homeowners with great satisfaction and even enjoy the twilight.

backyard pool ideas on a budget

Sarasota Modern

Joe Dudash, President and founder of Water designs of Sarasota Inc. With their reputation for quality and integrity, they have gained their customers’ trust.

They provide the highest quality services and advanced construction techniques. They offer a high feature of modern pools that consist of a waterfall wall and planter.

small backyard pool ideas

Colors of The Desert

Grey’s design truly has no boundaries and sees no walls. Designer Kathryn Prideaux of Prideaux design enjoys to work and incorporate the colors and textures of the desert into her project.

She uses mindfully modernizing touches of vintage and mid-century modern outdoor furnishing as her distinct style. The beautiful blue Mosaic-tile plunge pool and spa include in-water lounge chairs.

above ground pool ideas for small yards

Terraced Tudor Garden

Good design is the interactive dialogue of creative minds that captures the architecture’s spirit and interprets the client’s essence.

Designed by Eberlein, this pool is perfect as they emphasize symmetry and order. You can enjoy the elegant view from the rooftop.

small swimming pool designs

Round And Round

Whether it’s morning coffee on the terrace, watching the grandkids play, or sharing a glass of wine with the neighbor, the garden designs of Mirror Lake will change the landscape of your life. The round spool by Mirror lake designs involves a connected spa that’s a more miniature ring.

pool ideas for small yards

Sophisticated Round Design

As the name suggests, this plunge pool design looks like a more stable, high quality round tank pool designed by Brisbane Prestige plunge pools. These plunge pools are fit for yards with hard and rocky soils or slopes.

pool design for small backyard

Southeast charmer

Troy Rhone Garden designers, of Birmingham Alabama, designed this 5-by-16-foot lap pool. Suitable for workouts or exercises and serves as a focal point in the yard, especially when viewed from the house. These plunges are usually installed for fitness and health purposes.

small in ground pool ideas

Bluestone freeform

This pool is designed by a Carville landscape company, an exclusive designer. Specializing in exceptional landscape designing, built this pool wall and deck with bluestone for a legal interest, but the pool takes on a twist with a slight curve and a freeform design.

small inground pool designs

Deck Plunge Pool

The designers of Villa plunge pools provide a cost-effective, fully tiled, and beautifully varnished plunge pool. As they have a compact size, the deck plunge pools are fast and efficient to warm up quickly. It’s incredible how a little deck plunge pool relaxes you in a hot tub and provides you hours of entertainment.

pool landscaping ideas for small backyards

Cocktail Pool

Known for excellent service and competing prices, Thomas Flint provides landscape design pool renovations, custom swimming pools, and water features. Thomas Flint Landscape Design amoeba-shaped cocktail pool is an alluring blue, glowing attraction point for Montville landscape.

small outdoor pool

Jewel Tones

James Dawson Design offers an imaginative, innovative, and reliable design solution for small gardens spaces. A boutique pool designed by James Dawson Design used gold and colorful tiles and native and tropical plants as a striking contrast to hard scale.

A narrow space converted into a beautiful Jewel Tone Pool with an elegant touch of nature to the settings, making it a small but exotic tropical-looking estate.

swimming pools for small spaces

Bridge to Fireplace Island

The pool, designed by On The Edge with a fire feature (grill), is built with local sandstone.

A natural solution for a hot summer cocktail pool with an adjoining spa refreshes your mood swings.

The pool highlights a bridge to the nearby pavement and stone fireplace.

little pool

Prefab Plunge

Australian Plunge Pools focus on building a high-quality engineered plunge pool with a professional touch. They offer custom made pools and spa packages, which makes the small pools enjoyable. The spool is built with concrete and features a built-in standing ledge and can also be used for hydrotherapy.

mini swimming pool

Vanishing Edge

A plunge with a vanishing edge makes the view stunning from your sit out. An infinity style on a smaller scale designed by Raven Inside, from London, England. These pools are more sophisticated than your average pool. mastered in hydraulics as well as configuration and construction details.

little pools

little swimming pools

Natural Pool and Spa

With creative and unique designs, Mike Farley designed a freeform natural pool, and a connected round raised spa. It includes an Oklahoma flagstone stair-stepped spillway.

The yard gives an organic feel as boulder style coping was made with moss rock and a massive stone texture paving in a latte.

Slim And Rich

Creating the perfect balance between purpose and style is the goal of every designer’s project. Designed by The front Door Architecture, this narrow pool measures about 8- by- 20 feet. The authentic beauty of the pool makes it to be gazed upon during night or evening.

pool options for small yards

Texas Swimming Hole

Ford designs cover the project’s aspect and express a cohesive, functional, and aesthetic vision finishing with a standard quality.

The swimming hole is a rectangular concrete and encompassed by a lawn.

It’s a primary plunge pool which offers enough space to exercise and cool off on a blistering afternoon.

big lots swimming pools

Spanish in Scottsdale

The gorgeous pool was designed by OZ Architecture at the silverleaf in Scottsdale, Arizona. The swimming pool features a focal point that is accessible from the sit out. OZ architects partnered with site works for landscape development.

small indoor pool

All-Inclusive Patio

An elite spool designed by the platinum pool has high standards of excellence in building in-ground swimming pools, spas, and water scapers. The square-shaped pool includes a lot of features like small patios, fireplace, etc.

plunge pool design

Urban Toronto

Family time at the backyard pool is wholesome fun to enjoy any day at any time. Betz Pool, Toronto, Canada, designed a custom-built gunite plunge that creates a unique lifestyle you have always imagined. The pools feature underwater benches, stairs, a sheer descent water feature, and a raised rock wall.

small built in pools

diy small pool

Center City Indoor Pool

An indoor pool designed by Rasmussen/SU Architects of Philadelphia shows the creativity level. It is intended for indoors and sits on a reinforced slab, drilled down to a nearby basement level.

Geometric Pool

Geometric pools remain a popular selection due to its elegant style. Space Landscape Designs of Sydney, Australia, has a variety of different backyard settings. The attractive landscaping designed like the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle enhances the pool’s overall view.

cocktail pools


Pool time is always a fun time! There are various creative ideas designed by Architects. Your children and their friend can have an enjoyable time under your surveillance without bothering any harm. A spectacular way to stay connected with your family and friends by hosting larger family gatherings and pool parties. Variations on the theme! Pool sweet pool instead of home sweet home.

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