Generic Zodiac Baracuda Automatic Pool Cleaner Vacuum Review

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How To Setup Zodiac Pool Cleaner

Are you having sleepless nights thinking of how are you going to clean your swimming pools the next few days? Well, you are not alone since most of the people who have their swimming pools at home are thinking the same way as you do. But, this particular quest can already be answered upon using Generic Zodiac Baracuda Pool Cleaner. This is an automatic pool vacuum cleaner- a complete set with colour box.

Who Could Buy/Benefit from this Product?

Best Generic Zodiac Baracuda pool vacuum cleaner is primarily designed to help people get rid of their swimming pool problems. This can be used by the people particularly those who have plenty of resorts and swimming pools at home. This is an essential cleaning tool that could clean your pools easily and quickly.

Product Description

This product can be connected to any swimming pool pump and even to the filtration system you have to suck algae, dirt and even some debris that is found in your pool. It can immediately clean all the areas in your pool, regardless of its depth and shape. It works on different types of pool surfaces either for vinyl pools, fibber glass or the concrete ones. It is an automatic pool vacuum cleaner that uses great skirt and propulsion system in a random pattern that would cover the entire pool area while cycling huge amount of water.  It has powerful cleaning performance that is very reliable for your swimming pool cleaning needs.

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Product Features

This Generic Zodiac Baracuda is considered to be a convenient pool vacuum cleaner which has several features such as:

  • Simple, quite and an automatic pool vacuum cleaner that is similar to Generic Zodiac Baracuda 2 and 3.
  • It has an anti-stick design as well as wheel deflector that assure optimal wide pool coverage that allows navigating even the ladders, corners and all other areas in the pool.
  • It has pool supplies replacement parts that include foot pads, finned seal or disc and diaphragm.
  • It effectively functions same as the Generic Zodiac Baracuda 2 and 3 since it also uses its diaphragm system in cleaning the pool.
  • It operates properly to in-ground swimming pools that include 33 feet of the pools feed hose.


This product is very convenient and proven valuable to all users. When it comes to the set up of the product, people would not find it hard since you just need to plug in the tubes and hook it accordingly to the Generic Zodiac Baracuda. Making use of this product for just a few minutes can greatly suck up all the dirt that is found in your pool. Tiny algae, debris and dirt that you are really worried for can be quickly removed upon using the vacuum of the product.


This product can be easily destroyed when not assembled properly. Thus, people need to make sure that before using the product, they should be familiar and equip with the appropriate assembling instruction that they need to do. This is very important in order to assure for a better cleaning performance of the product.

Customers Reviews and Scores

The Generic Zodiac Baracuda has garnered 3.5 out of 5 stars that are primarily based on 155 reviews coming from the customers. Hence, it is greatly evident that the product appeals to the taste of the people that effectively respond to their cleaning needs.


This Generic Zodiac Baracuda pool vacuum is very essential to be part of your vacuum cleaner at home. This would always provide you easiness in cleaning your pools. Using this product regularly in your pools is an ideal thing to do since this would greatly provide clean ambiance and surface of your pool. Although there are some simple flaws with this matter, still weighing its effectiveness, this is worthy to use.

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