Polaris 3900 Sport Pool Cleaner Review – Vac Sweep

The Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Sport Pressure Side Pool Cleaner with its incomparable ease and tremendous performance places itself high in the category of surface pool skimmers. Compatible with all inground pools, these require a Polaris Booster Pump to operate influentially. The dynamic appeal of the device can be witnessed by the exceptional body design and features which make it competent to produce maximum vacuum power and deliver increased torque to augment the cleaning rates. It comprises an exclusive all-wheel PosiDrive System with resilient stainless steel drive chain and its bigger filtration bag can collect debris and waste in heavy amounts, thus making cleaning an easy and effortless experience.

Polaris 3900 Sport Pool Cleaner Review - Vac Sweep

Features of Polaris 3900 Sport Pool Cleaner

  • Powered by a Booster Pump, however for maximum performance PB4-60 Booster Pump can be installed.
  • Ideal for all inground pool surfaces.
  • Includes advanced sweep hose accessory named as TailSweep Pro, which is capable enough to drag out the scuffs from all the hidden corners and edges of the pool.
  • Dual-chambered, zipper and removable Superbag filters and stores the debris, thus granting a clear look to the water and can provide an additional filtration of 40 gallons per minute.
  • The PosiDrive System generates 50 percent more torque placing it in the category of most proficient cleaners.
  • Equipped with the latest auto-reverse feature that allows the machine to navigate easily if it gets stuck or trapped.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • The booster pump is energy efficient and can be easily installed.
  • Even largest of the debris can be cleaned by the filtration bags.
  • Maintains a dry environment by avoiding water spilling outside the surface of the pool.
  • The stable four-wheel drive base provides solid inclination on the wall surfaces and thus, can efficiently extract thick oil films spread over these areas.
  • Comprises 3 Venturi Jet Cleaners which generate maximum vacuum power, thus simplifying the cleaning task.

Polaris 3900 Sport Pool Cleaner Review

Specifications of Polaris Sport Pool Cleaner

  • The dimensions of the Polaris 3900 Sport Pool Cleaner are 11 X 24 X 24 Inches.
  • The total weight of the cleaner is 22.6 Pounds (or 10.25 Kg).
  • The storage capacity of the dual chambered Superbag is 5 Litre.
  • The 3 Venturi Jet Cleaner circulates an extra 40 GPM through the filtration bag.
  • The greatest advantages are its speed, power and its ability to clear debris and slit covering the entire region.
  • The four wheel drive maintains a grip on the wall and the floor surface.
  • The cleaning cycle is of much less duration and gets completed quickly delivering best results.

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  • Requires installation of booster pump (Polaris PB4-60) to provide best results.
  • High storage capacity filtration bag.
  • One year warranty provided by the manufacturer.
  • The improved hydraulic design of the booster pump is responsible for optimal cleaning performance.
  • The four wheels are made from Wide Trax tires which guarantee stronger grip and hold on the wall surface.
  • Provides complete sweeping and vacuums the entire pool surface.
  • Delivers legendary performance in short duration of time.
  • Auto-reverse Technology allows easy navigation.
  • The device is not designed for cleaning the step areas.
  • The filter bag needs to be regularly inspected, since it may obstruct the performance of the cleaner if becomes too heavy.

Final Verdict

I have personally used the Polaris pool sweep and feel completely satisfied with its performance. The advanced features make it a durable, reliable and pleasant experience for its consumers. It is an automatically functional pool cleaning device which requires no physical labor and designed to deliver best cleaning results. Moreover, the four-wheel stable drive creates a strong suction on the walls and helps to wipe out even the minute oil stains and slit; thus making the surface crystal clear and perfectly hygienic. Though this automatic high vacuum pool cleaner is a bit high in price, but its fast and quick cleaning capacity makes this product worth the price and makes this purchase a smart investment.

I would definitely give a suggestion to buy this product!

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