Pentair Pool Cleaners Reviews -Top Models In 2019

Do you find it hard to clean your pool? Well then, Pentair Kreepy and Krauly Lil Shark Ground and Vacuum Pool Cleaner could help you with this matter. This is considered to be one of the most effective pool vacuum cleaners that could effectively help the people clean all the dirt found in their pools.

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This Pentair Kreepy and Krauly Lil Shark Ground and Vacuum Pool Cleaner consist of dual-band bristles scrub that performs cleaning actions immediately. It effectively cuts away the 10-inch path of dirt for quick and convenient cleaning. This pool vacuum cleaner has five adjustable cleaning paths which can cover large sizes of pools. The design is very impressive and tends to manifest dependable and consistent services for the people.

Best Features

This product has high-quality features that people need to be familiar with and these include:

      • It measures 12 ¾ inches long, 6 ¼ inches wide and 13 inches high.

      • This is an automatic above ground pool vacuum cleaner. (Related: Articles on Choosing the best Robotic Pool Cleaner)

      • It has dual band bristles scrub with a powerful vacuum that washes away a huge quantity of dirt.

      • It is a product used for quick pool cleaning purposes.

      • It has five adjustable paths for cleaning that can cover wide areas of the pool.


      • There are several advantages that this Pentair Kreepy and Krauly Lil Shark Ground and Vacuum Pool Cleaner would be giving the people. This performs better than any other pool vacuum cleaner that is sold in the market. Whatever the size of your pool is, this product can effectively help you to clean all its area for just a few minutes. It is also a durable product and thus, you are assured that making use of this product would last for a couple of years.

      • Since this product is adjustable, people need just to adjust its height depending on the suitable height they wanted to use the product. Connecting this pool vacuum cleaner to a powerful pump could allow the product to work better and faster. The product has also a great value that compliments its price. Thus people are greatly assured that they would be acquiring high-quality pool cleaning results that they are aspiring to have with their pools.


      • This product also has its simple flaws in terms of the uneven suction performance of its pump. But, people need not be worried regarding this matter since they just need to adjust their pump into its desired direction or path where it would suppose to suck the dirt in the pool.


Although there are simple flaws regarding this product, still more people are impressed and interested to have this as part of their pool cleaning tools. This product is considered to be a high-quality one when it comes to its cleaning and sucking performance. Therefore, dirt in your pools could be completely removed if you are going to use this product regularly.

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      • Dimensions of the product are 23.5x 11 inches.

      • Legendary weighs 22.7 pounds.

      • Hydrodynamic body with treaded wheels for better traction and stability.

      • Large debris bag with lock and twist system.

      • Built-in back valve for efficient performance

      • Equipped with a separate booster pump.

      • Has a four wheel drive.

Pentair LL505G Kreepy Krauly Legend Pressure-Side In-Ground Pool Cleaner, Grey Top, White Bottom Cleaner for Light Colored Pools is an incredible innovation. The four wheels Pentair legend pool cleaner is a bigger filter bag for storing both big and small debris. The pool is cleaned within 1 to 3 hours giving a shining and sparkling look. It comes with a booster pump which is sold separately, which enables Kreepy Krauly to use water pressure for moving and vacuuming the pool in just 3 hours. The legendary Kreepy Krauly is just right for an in-ground pool.

Available in two colors that is a combination of grey & white and all grey lending the legendary Kreepy Krauly impressive looks. The four wheels prevent it from tipping inside the pool in comparison to three wheels pool cleaners. Other benefits of four-wheel drive are it provides for maximum traction on inclined pool surfaces and enhanced stability.

Best Features

Kreepy Krauly Legend has a highly efficient booster pump for a super clean pool.

      • The large bag comes with a twist and locks feature for easy removal of waste.

      • Also, large bag means more collection of debris so you can clean the bag after the complete cycle.

      • Legendary comes with a 1-year warranty.

      • Available in grey & white colors.

      • Four wheels provide full coverage cleaning.

      • The Kreepy krauly legendary pool cleaner has an in-built pressure relief valve for regulating the flow of water and maintaining consistent travel speed.

      • The scrubber cleans the floor, walls, and corners extracting all the dirt from the pool surface.

      • It even removes small stones, leaves, and twigs.

      • Ideal for in-ground pools.

      • The price is very attractive with so many benefits.

      • Kreepy Krauly comes with an extra bag.

      • Easy installation with extended life span.


      • Big storage bag for more debris.

      • Easy to install.

      • Runs on a very good speed with the help of a booster pump.

      • Do not tip like other pool cleaners.

      • Designed with 4 wheels for smooth movement in the in-ground pool.

      • Cleans the pool between 1-3 hours.

      • Removing the debris is simple, just takes a few seconds.

      • Good traction along with stability,

      • Very long cord, which is cut according to your requirement.

      • 1 year of warranty.

      • Maximum cleaning capacity.


      • The long hose of Kreepy Krauly gets tangled which is a turn-off.


Pentair LL505G Kreepy Krauly Legend is a superior product with the new innovative mechanism. The big storage bag is very handy for filtering more amount of debris. It is convenient to open with a twist and lock system. I think this pool cleaner is the only product which boasts of 99% of 5-star ratings. The superior functions along with excellent performance make it the number one choice. Only 1% of its users are not satisfied with it because of the long cord which needs to be cut according to the requirement. Otherwise, it can be installed in a few simple steps written on the user manual.

Attractive price bracket with unlimited benefits induces people to buy it. Pentair Kreepy Krauly Legend is good if you have an in-ground pool in shape other than square or rectangular because it gets stuck in the corners. Hope, Pentair Company tries to do something for this issue. It will last for at least 5-6 years without giving major probs. Check out more pressure side pool cleaners in the US market.

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      • The Pentair Prowler 830 Pool Cleaner weighs at 60lbs.

      • It comes equipped with a remote to control the cleaner with ease.

      • It comes with a pre-included cleaner caddy for easy transportation and storage. for easy transportation and storage.

      • The Pentair Prowler 830 Robotic Pool Cleaner can be programmed for up to a week’s cleaning

      • It has built-in plug and play convenience and requires no installation

      • It comes with an integrated filter which is helpful in reducing the time of your primary filtration system and saving on cleaning costs

      • The cleaning cycle is around 2.5 hours

Best Features

      • Advanced Design – When it comes to pool cleaning, the Pentair Prowler 830 provides superior and complete cleaning to keep every pool spotless. It can scrub, vacuum and filter the entire pool area within some hours.

      • Auto Reverse Feature – While most robotic pool cleaners hang-up in the corners of the pool or ladders, the Pentair Prowler 830 comes equipped with an Auto Reverse feature that leads to uninterrupted and efficient pool cleaning.

      • Plug and Play – The Pentair Prowler 830 Robotic Pool Cleaner comes with a state-of-the-art plug and play feature which requires no installation, hoses or booster pump for pool cleaning.

      • Weekly Timer – With the built-in timer function, pool owners can simply set and program the Pentair Prowler 830 Robotic Pool Cleaner for scheduled cleaning as per their routine, even when they are not at home.

      • Full Cartridge Indicator – The Pentair Prowler 830 Pool Cleaner comes with a full cartridge indicator system that lets the pool owner know when the machine needs attending.


      • The Pentair Prowler 830 Robotic Pool Cleaner can thoroughly clean water line in a quick and efficient manner

      • The robotic pool cleaner is lightweight, portable and secure to use

      • It comes with a weekly timer indicator which can be automatically programmed to ensure your pool is cleaned even when you are not at home

      • It offers excellent value for money with its inbuilt remote, pool caddy and latest features


      • The Pentair Prowler 830 Robotic Pool Cleaner misses out on some details with its small debris compartment and lack of an anti-tangle cable


In conclusion, the Pentair 360032 Kreepy Krauly Prowler 830 Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner is a great automatic machine which does exactly what it promises – quick, powerful and efficient pool cleaning with ease and simplicity. With its wireless remote control and pool caddy, pool owners get more value for their money. It can easily remove dirt, debris or algae from pools and requires no additional booster pumps or hoses to do its job. Another convenient feature is the addition of weekly timer to automatically program the Pentair Prowler and let it do its job even when you are not around! To operate, it costs less than 20 cents per day which is amazing.

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      • The Pentair Prowler 820 measures 19-inch length by 19-inch width by 23-1/2-inch height.

      • It weighs in at 45 pounds

      • It has a low voltage operation which reduces energy use whilst offering high performance pool cleaning and scrubbing

      • It is recommended for pool size upto 20 x 50 feet

      • It is easy to maintain and comes with a simple and quick to clean filter cartridge

      • The Pentair Prowler 820 has powered tracks which keeps the unit solid and stable even while climbing pool walls or slopes.

      • It is inexpensive to operate at less than 20 cents per day.

Best Features

      • Advanced Filtration System –To ensure proper removal of debris, dirt and algae matter from the pool while cleaning, the Pentair Prowler 820 utilizes its advanced internal filtration system which helps circulate chemicals thoroughly in the pool.

      • Plug and Play – The Pentair Prowler comes with plug and play convenience and requires no additional hoses, booster pumps or additional installation

      • Auto Reverse Feature – Most automatic pool cleaners hang up around pool corners or physical objects while cleaning but the Pentair Prowler 820 comes with a built-in Auto Reverse feature to ensure uninterrupted and efficient cleaning performance throughout the pool.

      • Full Cartridge Indicator which lets the pool owner or user know when the Pentair Prowler needs cleaning or attention.

      • Superior Design of the Pentair Prowler 820 ensures easy handling and storage. Also, the tangle free 60-foot cable is convenient to use and move freely while pool cleaning.

      • Ultra Fine filter porosity to clean and remove all types of dust and dirt particles from the pool.


      • The Pentair Prowler 820 Robotic Pool Cleaner is lightweight and highly portable which makes it convenient to use and store

      • It’s Auto Reverse feature is highly useful in preventing hang-ups in pool corners, steps, slopes or walls for a truly uninterrupted cleaning performance

      • With its integrated filters, the Pentair Prowler 820 reduces run time and saves you considerable amount of pool cleaning costs and minimizes wear and tear to the machine.

      • It has a superior swivel design and an anti-tangle 60 foot cable for optimum and hassle-free pool cleaning performance every time.


      • The Pentair Prowler does not come with an automatic remote or a built-in chlorine release system

      • It is not very useful for big pool sizes


With the Pentair Kreepy Krauly Prowler 820 Auto Pool Cleaner, the company has produced a winner in pool cleaning. Apart from its lightweight and portable form factor which is highly useful while pool cleaning, the Pentair Prowler 820 also employs advanced filters which thoroughly cleans your pool while minimizing wear and tear. With its swivel-free cable and auto reverse feature, the Pentair Prowler does a fine job of pool cleaning with added convenience and ease for pool owners. The package also comes with a pool caddy for easy transportation and all the components of this robotic pool cleaner are certified to UL standards for safety.

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  • It has front rotating brush scrubs for a deep cleaning of the pool surface.

  • It is easy to operate and use in all kind of conditions.

  • It has inbuilt Night Cruize LED lights that enhance looks and makes operation at night easy. The normal usage powers the lights and does not require any batteries.

  • It can deliver non-stop cleaning by cleaning in forward and reverse modes which makes it an efficient cleaner.

  • Its wide tires make for better grip on the smooth pool surface. Besides, four tires help it stay upright under the water.

  • Unlike other pool cleaners, it features four venturis that help the larger vacuum to handle debris of all sizes and shapes. This feature makes it stand apart from the usual ones.

  • An in-built handle to carry the Racer in and out of the pool.

  • With one button removal, an easy to put on debris bag with an attachment, secured with a snap.

  • The sleek design of the cleaner makes movement easier in the water.

  • It’s quick and easy to maintain due to its design.

  • It comes with an installation and user’s guide which would assist the owner in proper installation and correct usage of the cleaner.

  • It comes with a one-year limited warranty.

The world’s well-known manufacturer of pool and spa equipment, Pentair Racer brings you a great pool cleaner. The Pentair Kreepy Krauly Racer is a super fast pressure-side that’s best for inground pools and in fact, a must for all pools. Featuring four venturis, it delivers a 30% faster cleaning speed and cleans larger area in less time. It’s easy to operate and its faster cleaning will save your time and money. Night time cleaning becomes easy with its ultra-bright LED lights that are built into the cleaner. It scores high on its design which is sleek, sporty and technologically advanced. It does the cleaning in like a professional and without any hassles.


  • The front rotating brushes easily pick up fine debris and brush the pool surface evenly.

  • An extra-wide vacuum tube and a large bag to accumulate any debris lying on the bottom of your pool.

  • In comparison with any other pressure-side pool cleaner, it delivers a 30% faster cleaning speed. Besides, an adjustable flow gauge makes it easy to regulate the Racer’s speed.

  • The inbuilt Night Cruize LED lights not only gives cool look but also make after dark cleaning an easy task.

  • Due to its sleek design, making its way through the water, it reaches every corner of the pool.


  • Just like every other pool cleaner in the market, it does not come with a booster pump; it is sold separately.


Looking at the fact that Pentair racer pool cleaner has a huge intake and cleans 30% more and faster, I would definitely recommend inground pool cleaner. It serves the purpose efficiently and comfortably. It is a combination of looks, utility, power and quickness. It is great for pools that have vegetation around and sheds leaves. It’s better in aesthetics and functionality which makes it the best cleaner in the market. Give your pool what it deserves in terms of cleaning. Now spend less time in cleaning and more time in enjoying the warm water of your swimming pool with this amazing pool cleaner.