Pentair GW8000 Automatic Pool Cleaner Review

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Do you find it hard to clean your pool? Well then, Pentair Kreepy and Krauly Lil Shark Ground and Vacuum Pool Cleaner could help you with this matter. This is considered to be one of the most effective pool vacuum cleaners that could effectively help the people clean all the dirt found in their pools.

Who Could Buy/Benefit from this Product?

This product is primarily designed for resort owners who have huge numbers of the pool to clean. This is an efficient and convenient tool that could provide them easiness in cleaning their pools. Since this is a pool vacuum cleaner, they are assured that even tiny materials found in your pool could be totally removed.

Product Description

This Pentair Kreepy and Krauly Lil Shark Ground and Vacuum Pool Cleaner consist of dual-band bristles scrub that performs cleaning actions immediately. It effectively cuts away the 10-inch path of dirt for quick and convenient cleaning. This pool vacuum cleaner has five adjustable cleaning paths which can cover large sizes of pools. The design is very impressive and tends to manifest dependable and consistent services for the people.

Best Features

This product has high-quality features that people need to be familiar with and these include:

  • It measures 12 ¾ inches long, 6 ¼ inches wide and 13 inches high.
  • This is an automatic above ground pool vacuum cleaner. (Related: Articles on Choosing the best Robotic Pool Cleaner)
  • It has dual band bristles scrub with a powerful vacuum that washes away a huge quantity of dirt.
  • It is a product used for quick pool cleaning purposes.
  • It has five adjustable paths for cleaning that can cover wide areas of the pool.


There are several advantages that this Pentair Kreepy and Krauly Lil Shark Ground and Vacuum Pool Cleaner would be giving the people. This performs better than any other pool vacuum cleaner that is sold in the market. Whatever the size of your pool is, this product can effectively help you to clean all its area for just a few minutes. It is also a durable product and thus, you are assured that making use of this product would last for a couple of years.

Since this product is adjustable, people need just to adjust its height depending on the suitable height they wanted to use the product. Connecting this pool vacuum cleaner to a powerful pump could allow the product to work better and faster. The product has also a great value that compliments its price. Thus people are greatly assured that they would be acquiring high-quality pool cleaning results that they are aspiring to have with their pools.


This product also has its simple flaws in terms of the uneven suction performance of its pump. But, people need not be worried regarding this matter since they just need to adjust their pump into its desired direction or path where it would suppose to suck the dirt in the pool.

Customers Reviews and Scores

Based on 205 reviews coming from the customers, the product garnered 3.8 out of 5 stars. This is just an indication that the product really works better for the people in terms of cleaning their swimming pools.


Although there are simple flaws regarding this product, still more people are impressed and interested to have this as part of their pool cleaning tools. This product is considered to be a high-quality one when it comes to its cleaning and sucking performance. Therefore, dirt in your pools could be completely removed if you are going to use this product regularly.

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