How To Keep Your Pool Clean Through The Winter

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Not many pool owners use their pool during the winter. The pool tends to be a body of ice during the winter especially if it isn’t covered with a solar pool cover. If you want to seal off your pool for the winter, there are some certain steps which you will need to take and they include:

• Clean your pool first of all by thoroughly cleaning the inner walls and the bottom of the pool. Ensure that your pool is spick and span before you close it.

• Ensure that the pool is balanced in terms of alkalinity, PH and calcium hardness. If these areas are not seen to before your pool is sealed off, chances are you won’t be unsealing your pool to a clean sparkling pool after the winter is over.

• Test the chlorine level of your pool and ensure that it is between 3-5ppm before you seal it off.

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• After the pool’s acid level has been tested, add winter shock to your pool. Make sure you dissolve it before you put it into your pool.

• Put in winter algaecide to prevent the growth of winter algae during the winter. Algaecide kills off any potential development of algae in your pool.

• Then, add stain and scale control in your pool to prevent the sides of your pool from staining.

• After you have added all of these chemicals, you should operate your pool filter a maximum of twelve hours.

• After the filter has done its job, back wash it and clean it with filter cleaner before you disconnect the equipment from the pool. Drain your pool water 2 inches below eyeball jet and attach the skimmer closure plate and gizmo.

• Place an air balloon under your pool cover to discourage the expansion of water which can cause wall damage.

• Finally, cover your pool with a winter pool cover.