How To Drain A Pool With A Garden Hose

Draining A Pool With A Garden Hose

Your dream pool is a place where you relax and have some peaceful and calm moments. It becomes important to keep it clean and appealing. This is only possible if the sanitisation of the pool is done properly and regularly. If it isn’t a freshly built pool, then it becomes important to change the water of the pool for best hygiene.

At times we clean the pool with vacuums and cleaners or skimmers too but after a while the entire pool’s water should be drained out to change the water and make the pool fresh again. The process of pool water draining can be done with a garden hose in easy steps. We have tried to make things easier and simpler for you all in order to provide you with a proper solution of draining pool with the help of a garden hose.

how to drain a pool with a hose

Reasons Underlying The Pool Water Draining

No one should be so crazy to just drain the pool weekly for scrubbing or cleaning it. But few reasons are there when it becomes useful for removing water from the pool.

For Pool Cleaning

The major reason we clean the pool is to keep it clean and fresh. You may need to vacuum it though first, but still, if traces of calcium deposits or any stains are prominent then you need to drain the water for best cleaning outcomes. The calcium levels of the pool also have to be managed and the metal stains if any need to be removed by the acid wash. For all these reasons you need to drain the water from the pool for sure.

For Repairing The Pool

After few years of use you may see that there are cracks on the pool floor (concrete), bubbling and tearing of the pool liner may happen (vinyl material). This all could take place due to normal causes of depreciation or heavy use of pool as they contain gallons of water all the time. For any kinds of repairs the water has to be drained for fixing up things.

For Painting The Pool

Draining of the pool is required if after its usage in the sun or due to weather conditions the pool paint gets faded or develops cracks. This condition could arise after the pool use for few years. The pool should be dried up before painting and then can be refilled after the paint dries. Only while paint is applied before that the pool needs to be emptied.

For Changing The Pool Water

The TDS (total dissolved solids) of the pool water should be monitored. We keep on adding so much to the pool water in the form of chlorine, chemicals, scrubbing and even the natural things such as dirt, debris dust and more may get accumulated despite of deep pool vacuuming or cleaning. In this case too the pool water needs to be drained.

All this can be achieved in the simplest way and that is by using a garden hose. A few quick and easy steps can ease your work.

Quick steps To Drain A Pool With A Garden Hose

In case of any of the reasons if your pool water needs to be drained then you can do it by using a pool hose and siphon the water instead of using any buckets or so. The siphon is the process by the liquid is conveyed upwards and this can be done using an outdoor faucet. The drainage location needs to be at a lower level from where the water is supposed to exit from the hose. Its normal science that the water travelling uphill won’t work as a success. Whether you have an in-ground pool or above ground pool the hose drainage method works great for both. Though there are pumps also to do this work, but a garden hose is something readily available at everyone’s house. 

how to siphon water from a pool

The Simple Spigot Method

One end of the hose has to be kept completely submerged in water, while the other end needs to be connected and attached properly to the faucet (outdoor).

Step One

Attach one end of the hose to the faucet. Place the other end of the hose in the pool, completely submerged.

Step Two

A full stream of water should be allowed when the faucet is turned on, as the water that trickles won’t be able to travel properly through the hose or pipe you have put to use. A time duration of 30 seconds or so is sufficient to turn off water and when the hose is full the water will exit from the submerged end.

Step Three

The hose should be removed quickly and the hose should be twisted from the end from where it was attached to the faucet. As the kink is there it won’t let the water go out of the hose. This is similar to the child holding a straw and closing it from top when it is holding liquid.

Step Four

The twisted hose end can be carried by you where the drainage location is. As you walk in the pool the hose should be held at a higher position to that of water and later the kink can be released in the hose. Where the water is supposed to be drained the hose should end should be set down.  

This way by using a garden hose you can simply drain the pool water in easy steps for the purpose you are heading for. Before draining the pool water, you should be clear about the water disposal plan as this water should nit be a waste and should not accumulate gain near your pool making the conditions worse.

Concludingly, we can say it with confirmation that pool needs to be drained for regular cleaning purposes and a garden hose proves great. One of the best DIY methods that can be done anytime you want. Just find the relevant reason for pool draining and cleaning. Each one us afford a garden hose and the pool draining would be possible without spending any money and will be tireless too.

The swimming pools may wear, get dirty due to weather conditions or overuse but the cleaning process can be made convenient with this. Go ahead, follow the easy steps and keep your pool healthy and safe. Drain the water without damaging the environment and saving the fines too, if any.