How To Clean Algae From Swimming Pool

If you’re a current swimming pool owner, or perhaps you’re considering purchasing one for your home, you might be curious about the demands of the pool upkeep. You might be fairly unknowing of the actual tasks and duties one must perform if they want their water to remain fresh and satisfying to swim in. After all, if you’re going to be swimming in water throughout the years, you’re definitely going to want to do your best to make sure the water stays clean and fresh. As we’ll discuss further below, you must learn how to remove swimming pool bacteria if you want to maintain a healthy pool.

At first glance, one might see contaminated pool water and immediately write it off as “disgusting” and think there’s a one size fits all type of swimming pool chemical that will take care of the problem. This is a rookie mistake and a very common one to make as there are several different types of pool bacteria that can infect your water. The more familiar you are with these various kinds of germs which frequently inhabit swimming pools, the better you will be suited to take charge and destroy them as quick as you possibly can. It is a very easy process to learn how to kill pool algae and once you’ve mastered it, eradicating these germs from your pool will be as easy as 1-2-3.

How To Clean Algae From Swimming Pool

What Causes Algae In Swimming Pool

First, let’s discuss the different kinds of germs which populate most modern swimming pools. The most common type of bacteria is most likely algae, a multi-colored fungus which is very unpleasing to the eye, and clearly not something you’d enjoy floating around in your luxury pool which was purchased for your relaxation and comfort. Algae appears in various different colors and variations, with the most common being green algae, which can both float around in the centers of the pool as well as stick to the sides of the structure. Black algae, which is actually a greenish bluish type of germ will only form inside the crevices and cracks of the pool structural surface, most commonly found in finishes made of a plaster setting, and very rarely inside of vinyl liner pools. The differences between the slime mentioned above is even less of a factor when you purchase a special chemical for killing algae, making the process of getting rid of black algae in swimming pools much easier than expected.

And finally, the third most commonly found type of algae is mustard algae, which is very frequently misdiagnosed due to its dirt-like physical characteristics. This type of algae is commonly found on the ground of the pool and resembles dirt. To distinguish the differences between standard sand or dirt and the mustard algae, feel the substance and if it feels like algae, it is algae! Don’t worry, there are excellent pool chemicals for mustard algae as well as ones for the other types.

Green Algae Before And After

To eradicate these algae types you must analyze your water and have the pool water balanced. After, you should definitely shock the water with chlorine based swimming pool chemicals to get rid of the bacteria floating inside. Afterward, you must apply a high quality brand of algaecide, also known as algae killer, to get rid of the dreaded green bacteria. Soon after your pool should be free from algae and restored back to the excellent condition it once was.

Now that you’re now up to date and completely informed of what these germs are and how to kill algae in pool water, you should be able to handle this small problem if it should ever come along and rear its ugly head. Just follow the simple steps listed above and apply your new found information to destroy all types of algae.

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