How To Backwash A Pool And Achieve Normal Water PSI Level

Okay, so you are thinking of ways on how to backwash a pool. First thing first, you have to know the secrets so that the green part of the pool will be removed. This will lessen the chances of algae to grow continually in the pool area. It would be very impressive if the owner of the pool will be successful in the manner of maintaining the cleanliness of the pool and it will remain clear too. Some pool owners are not capable of cleaning their own pool because they do not know the steps or do not possess the proper equipment. There are no secrets for this. In this article, we are going to learn the steps on how to backwash a pool.

How to Backwash a Pool and Achieve Normal Water Psi Level

Steps On How To Backwash A Pool

To keep your pool clean you’ll have to be compelled to perform different maintenance routines, such as back-washing, however, it doesn’t need to be a job. it’s a straightforward method which will facilitate keep your pool looking sparkling clean and running properly. Follow the steps below to perform simple maintenance of back-washing your pool quickly and efficiently.

Use of Water Test Kit

You may be wondering about these secrets to backwash the pool. One way is by making sure that it will remain in blue condition. You can keep the dirt away by regular maintenance of cleaning. Aside from that, you can also ensure its proper chemical balance. If you want, you can even bring a test kit for the water in your pool. This device will let you see in advance if your pool already needs cleaning before the green water will appear. It is always preferable to have your personal test kit because you can use it for an extended period. As you have it around, it will assist you to determine the level of chemicals that are found in a pool.

How to Backwash a Pool

Remove The Water With Multiport Handle

There is also another way on how to backwash a pool. That is done by using the filters so that you can backwash it. There are times that the pool owners are not aware that their water filter is no longer running for about 2 days. That is the reason why you have to check properly that the pool filter is properly running. You can let it backwash for about 24 hours even during the late hours of the night. It would also be helpful if you will turn on the multiport handle. You can set it in a backwash position. After that, you can already pump it back. Do not also forget that it requires about two minutes of pumping as you will notice the water be in proper sigh glass. Wait for the psi to return to normal operating level before as an important way on how to backwash a pool.

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