Hayward RC9990 TigerShark QC Review

Hayward RC9990 Tiger Shark Quick Clean Robotic pool cleaner 110volt/24-VDC was introduced to make cleaning pool a simple task. The company has been selling TigerShark since the past 40 years worldwide. One of the many advantages of TigerShark Quick clean in comparison to pressure or suction cleaners is that it uses less energy than its counterparts. Hence, making it energy efficient and a low maintenance product. The main USP of TigerShark QC Pool Cleaner is that it cleans the entire pool within 60 minutes. The program is set at two options one at a quick clean of 60 minutes and other is for normal cleaning cycle of 3 hours.

The best part of Hayward TigerShark QC Pool Cleaner is that it comes with a 3-year warranty. Tiger Shark QC removes the debris from every corner of the pool and every inch of the floor and walls efficiently. Super light in weight makes it portable for swift movement. It is ideal for a residential pool size of 20’x40’.

Hayward RC9990 TigerShark Quick Clean

Best Features Of Hayward Tigershark Pool Cleaner

  • Energy efficient and low maintenance.
  • An enhanced quick clean feature along with standard cleaning cycle.
  • Cleans corners, walls, floors, and steps too.
  • Auto cut off power function
  • Compact and lightweight
  • The inbuilt smart computer enables it to calculate the size of the pool for energy efficient cleaning.
  • It scrubs the dirt and vacuums the debris from the pool.
  • Portable and comes with 55 feet cord.
  • It has easy to clean the filter cartridge.
  • Most suitable for home pools.
  • No hoses or hookups are required.
  • Tiger Shark Quick Clean does spot clean-up
  • Last minute clean up is possible.

Specifications Of Hayward Tigershark QC

  • Programmed for 60 minutes and 3 hours work cycle.
  • 55 feet long cord.
  • Super light just weighs 21.5 pounds
  • Moving parts are made of Acetal and stainless steel
  • Ground speed is calculated at 55feet per minute
  • Input Voltage is 110 volt and the output voltage is 24 VDC
  • The rate of suction is 75 gallons per minute.

Pros & Cons Of Hayward Tigershark QC

  • Gives spotless clean pool.
  • Comes handy for the quick clean up session.
  • Does not get stuck while cleaning or climbing the walls.
  • Never misses corners, extracts all the debris from tight spots.
  • Easy to maneuver even on 60 minutes quick clean up mode.
  • Two modes clean-up programs ie, quick of 60 minutes and standard of 3 hours
  • Equipped with an efficient filter which cleans the water very well.
  • Works sans constant monitoring, designed to work independently.
  • Computer technology scans the size of the pool and debris.
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty.
  • Tiger Shark filters the finer particles which are missed by other robotic pool cleaners.
  • The Tigershark sometimes gets stuck on the drain covers and cord also gets tangled.

Final Verdict

More than 90 percent of the users have given 5 stars to Hayward TigerShark QC Review. For me, it is a blessing when I have to clean the pool quickly just before a pool party. The feature of 60 minutes quick session makes it possible for me. Tiger Shark is worth every penny because it has made life so much easier, otherwise cleaning the pool was a big headache. It can clean all types of the pool but is best suited for residential pools. Hayward is one of the renowned companies and has been in this business for over 4 decades, so I decided to go for their RC9990 Tiger Shark Quick Clean Is The Best Robotic Pool Cleaner.

There were one to two negative reviews about the cord getting stuck and cleaning of the filter bags. But on the contrary, cleaning of filters has become so much easier, just put on the water hose and all the debris is removed within seconds. Go for Hayward TigerShark QC if you are looking for an energy efficient quick clean up and it will surely not disappoint you!

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