Hayward RC9742 Sharkvac Review

Hayward RC9742 SharkVac Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Caddy is the latest innovation in the robotic pool cleaners segment. It is considered as the most economical automatic robotic pool cleaners available in the market. The company has designed this product after a thorough understanding of customer’s requirements and features that they are looking for in a pool cleaner. The Sharkvac has been designed in such a way that the user remains completely hassle free as they have built the garbage bag on top of the machine instead at the bottom. So now users do not have to lift the machine to clean the garbage bag. It is so convenient to clean the garbage bag.

Hayward RC9742 SharkVac Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is a star product among all the robotic pool cleaners. Highly energy efficient as it uses energy as low as required by a standard light bulb. It comes with a caddy for convenient handling and storage. It cleans the pool very well by removing all the debris, the scrubbing brush easily scrubs the dirtiest stains giving a sparkling look to the pool. Be it steps, floor or corners, Hayward SharkVac cleaners work very smoothly.

Best Features Of Hayward RC9742

  • Top debris storage container for an easy removal of debris, no more turning the machine upside down.
  • Reasonably priced along with many salient features makes it an ideal investment for cleaning the pool.
  • It brightens the pool with the help of strong scrubbing brush.
  • The dual function of scrubbing and vacuuming makes the product worth a buy,
  • Compact and light weight
  • It comes in two sizes that is “Standard” or “XL”, so you can select as per the size of your pool.
  • Hayward SharkVack works great on tiles, in-ground vinyl and concrete pool.
  • Cleans the pool in just 2 hours.
  • It comes with or without a caddy, but it is always better to purchase it with caddy for easy handling and storage.
  • The product is fabulous with minimum operating cost and maximum performance.
  • The innovative micro processor based technology enables for excellent cleaning of the pool
  • It collects all the leaves from the pool.
  • It comes with a low maintenance cost.

Specifications Of Hayward RC9742 Sharkvac

  • It has a 50 ft cord enabling maximum access.
  • Hayward Sharkvac weighs 55 pounds
  • Available in two sizes standard and XL.
  • Dimensions of the product are 24 x 17.5 x 29.5 inches
  • Innovative design with top positioned filter bag.
  • Built with a micro processer based technology
  • Enhanced technology makes it economical.

Pros & Cons Of Hayward RC9742

  • Climbs the walls of the pool for maximum cleaning
  • Saves a lot of time because of reduced cycle time
  • Very efficient in performance, as requires very little energy.
  • The most economical robotic pool cleaners
  • 50 feet cord leads to maximum coverage
  • It is very easy to clean and uses the pool with Hayward SmartVac
  • Since it comes without the hoses and booster pumps so the maintenance cost is very low.
  • It vacuums leaves, stones, slit and sand so there is absolutely nothing that it cannot pick up.
  • It does not turtle on its back.
  • Superior quality and enhanced technology
  • An amazing product at an attractive price.
  • There is one drawback with Haywar SharkVac, i.e. it flips sideways while cleaning the pool, which is very irritating.

Final Verdict

Hayward RC9742 SharkVac Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Caddy is an amazing product given the price and efficiency. It has been judged the best by the users and they have rated it with 5 stars for its unmatchable performance. Few customers have even given 3 stars and have cited tangling of the cord as a problem and flipping sideways while in the pool. I have personally not yet experienced these two problems. So for me this works wonders by making my task much more easier than before. This is one of the best pool cleaners I have ever purchased, it has been 6 months and it has not given me any hiccups.

I can happily recommend this to all who are looking for an innovative automatic pool cleaner. The compact body and sleek design is quiet impressive. And it is so economical that the energy consumed by it is equivalent to 2 light bulbs.

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