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The Hayward HP50TA 50000 Titanium Pool Heat Pump that compresses air to exchange heat with the pool water. This heat pump is suitable for the pool volume up to 13000 gallons. The BTU rating of the equipment is 50000, work son voltage of 240 with ampere rating of 30. The exchange is made of titanium which has high resistance and best above ground pool heat pump to chemical products. The operation of the system is quite silent. Electricity rating of the product is very low. These best heat pumps feature an electronic control that helps you easily maintain the perfect temperature. The upper body of the exchange is constructed with an injection molded polypropylene exterior cabinet.

How It Works

Hayward HP50TA 50000 Titanium is air compression heat pump is quite good and work very efficiently. When it is attached to the pool water and started. It begins to warm water asap, and you will realize how fast the operation was. The popularity of these heaters are on the rise. People are considering buying them for the benefits over other type of heaters. It doesn’t use any kind of fuel, just electricity, hence no emissions which makes it environmental friendly like solar heaters. Also, it uses less electricity than electric heaters, and don’t have fuel cost like gas heaters. It is suggested to go for Hayward HP50TA 50000 Titanium Pool Heat Pump if you have a plan of buying decent pool heater that is easy on your pocket.

The only thing that bugs is the noise it makes while working, plus the vibrations. However it is clearly written in the manual that it is silent, but it does have some sound. This is the only flaw, in this heat pump. Air temperature should be high for efficient working.

Best Features

  • Working is above the ground

  • Easily warms up the pools up to 13,000 gallons

  • The BTU rating of the system is 50,000 working on, 240V, 60 Hz, 30 Amp Service Required

  • The installation is easy and wiring can be done smoothly

  • 1.5 inch plumbing connections

  • Bit Quiet Operation

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Titanium construction of the heat exchanger

  • Electronic temperature control system


  • Low electricity

  • Eco friendly

  • Strong body

  • Easy operation


  • Air temp should be high


Overall, if we sum it up into conclusion, this top rated heat pump is efficient than most of the present in the market. However the operation is little bit noisy. The Hayward HP50TA 50000 Titanium Pool Heat Pump doesn’t use electricity that much, and the core is protected from corrosion against chemical products, due to titanium construction. It also doesn’t cost as much as solar, and could be used in any type of environment. It is a great choice for the starters, you should definitely go and buy them.

This beast has BTU rating of 100000 which means you can pretty much heat up any pool size. The Hayward H100ID1 100,000 BTU Pool Heater measures 26.5 x 21.8 x 31 inches and weighs 74.5 pounds. The equipment is made from quality products and build of the product reflects it. Hayward H100ID1 100,000 BTU Pool Heater has automatic ignition system, which is important to make the operation automatic. Natural gas fumes are very less, and in toxic to the environment. The air is mixed with the fuel by the action of Induced draft technology which helps in optimum heating and all-weather performance. You can even operate Hayward H100ID1 100,000 BTU Pool Heater at high altitudes without any problem. Easy plugin 120 voltage cord for easy installation. The use of the best natural gas pool heater is restricted with the pool size of 450 square feet. Also, the altitude of 2000 meter above the sea level or less is desirable.

How It Works

Main area of usage is in pools, and spas, where you need instant amount of warm water and steam. Hayward H100ID1 100,000 BTU Pool Heater works fast compared to any other heater currently available in the market. The working is simple just ignite it and simultaneously, get the water pipe into it. The water will flow with the pressure head, and you will get warm water after some time. You can control the temperature by the regulators on it

Cost & Maintenance

The cost of operating the device is high, due to its high 100,000 BTU rating, fuel consumption will be more. But the service of the heater would be great. The Hayward H100ID1 100,000 BTU Pool Heater is pretty solid and doesn’t require any maintenance. It is because of the solid body and high quality heat exchanger inside. There is not any additional part required for installation, once invest is done, all you have to spend upon is fuel, and that’s a lot to spend on. If we talk about the electric part, then it may require some maintenance of wires and connections.

Shape & Design

The shape is a box, with a space for the water pipe, and outlet. The design is simple and compact. It doesn’t need much space for working. When working, the body is not at high temperature.

Best Features

  • It is highly Reliable and durable, due to solid body

  • Electronic ignition for automatic operation

  • Induced draft technology ensures optimum heating and performance in any weather

  • Body remains cool when functioning.

  • Plug-in 120 volt electric cord for easy installation


  • Heat up large size pool

  • Instant heating

  • Solid body

  • Automatic operation


  • Expensive

  • Fuel cost is more


Concluding, Hayward H100ID1 100,000 BTU Pool Heater can warm good sized pool, and operation is silent than heat pumps, that automatically makes them a good choice for small pool area. Also, their efficiency is great, but fuel cost is more. It is a great choice for big pool owners and spa lovers. This product is one of the best natural gas residence pool heater for your pool.

The H150FDP Universal H-Series Low NOx 150,000 BTU Pool Heater is huge in size having dimensions of 32 x 29.3 inches and weigh 133 pounds. The BTU rating of the product is 150000, and preferred fuel is propane. The exchanger is made of standard cupro-nickel combination, giving reliability and durability at same time. The unit is professional, and could be used for spa purposes also. The installation should be done by proper professional. It also works on electricity, which makes it adaptable. LED control panel is integrated to give you full control of the warm water you want.

How It Works

The ignition of the heater is done by Silicon Nitride Hot Surface Igniters which are very durable, and don’t get dysfunctional. The gas is burned through stainless steel burners, having insulated combustion chambers, which assure that the heat loss is minimum. The smoke level of the heater is very low, in compare to other models in the market. This best propane pool heater model has everything you need in a gas heater. Also, it is hayword model, and use electricity for ignition.


These fuels now have become expensive, your average cost of operating the pool heater is going to be between 300 to 500 dollars. That’s a lot of money per month just for warming the water. It is preferable to use it as an electric heater only. But the cost for only an electric heater is more.


The plumbing connections are 2×2.5 CPVC, making it a long lasting option. The best propane heater has good BTU rating, but if your pool demands more BTU, higher models are also available up to BTU of 350000.If we talk about maintenance, there is hardly any critical part that could get malfunctioned. It is a simple heat exchangers that generate heat by the action of combustion. So, no maintenance is required on the gas part. There is not any additional parts required for installation, once invest is done, all you have to spend upon is fuel, and that’s a lot to spend on. If we talk about the electric part, then it may require some maintenance of wires and connections.

Best Features

  • Standard Cupro-nickel integrated heat exchanger maximum heat exchange, reliability and durability.

  • Patented polymer header and bypass valve design for great hydraulic efficiency

  • Hayward Universal design for easy and versatile professional installation. Their all unknit have similar design.

  • It emits low NOx emissions that meets air quality emission standards in all Low NOx regions.


  • Hayword model of heater

  • Instant heating

  • Compact and maintenance free

  • Professional


  • Not environment friendly


In today’s time, it is suggested to invest in electric or solar type heaters. Gas heaters are going to get extinct in coming years, and due to fuel cost, people are not buying them. This hayword model is a good solution, giving you a package.