Hayward Pool Cleaner Reviews -Top Models In 2019

Are you looking for the best pool vacuum cleaner that could effectively wash away all the dirt in your pool? Well, this is not a big deal anymore! Hayward Above-Ground Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaners is already here to give you an effective and convenient answer. This product would be very helpful to every user to maintain the cleanliness of their pools at home.

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This Hayward AR700 Above-Ground Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner is primarily designed to be used by people in cleaning permanently installed swimming pools above the ground only. These permanently installed swimming pools are situated in or even on the ground so that it could not be easily disassembled for its pool storage. Thus, this pool vacuum cleaner is not suitable to be used as a cleaning tool in Intex pools or even to the soft-sided type of pools since there might be possibilities that it can affect the swimming pools surface.

Best Features

This Hayward AR700 Above-Ground Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner has several features that people would really love and this includes the following:

    • Best pool cleaner for vinyl and on ground pools with a specific feature of Above Ground Suction.

    • Slotted Santoprene Shoes that enables it to take brisk turns.

    • It improves swimming pools water circulation and filtration by means of pulling the water in the bottom area as cleaning processes start.

    • It is high-tech having a contoured head that allows complete and constant steering pattern in constant time.


  • This Hayward AR700 Above-Ground Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner is very essential and effective for the pool owners since this can make your pool cleaning activity more exciting and fun. People need to take only a few minutes cleaning the pool when using this product. It can effectively suck even tiny particles and dirt that is found inside the pool. It is a great tool that helps every user in cleaning the bottom part of their pool in just a few minutes. Its steering system and turbine really perform better even if how deep your swimming pool is.


  • The only shortcoming with this product is that it can only clean the floors of the on ground pools and cannot clean the walls due to its inability to climb them so you are required to make sure the type of pool you wish to clean with this pool cleaner.

Customers Reviews and Scores

This, being a comparatively new product in the market, still waits to fetch reviews and ratings online. Considerable live demos and technical specifications have been used to write reviews about the product. So be the one to buy this pool cleaner and be the first one post reviews online.


Hayward AR700 Above-Ground Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner is really a great swimming pool cleaning tool that people shouldn’t miss to have. Although you cannot use this to different types of pools, still it gives people a complete and high-quality cleaning result and is quite affordable as compared to other pool cleaners. Be assured to maintain the cleanliness of your pools even if it is being used by a number of people.

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In this present era of advancing technology, manual items are fast giving way to automatic ones. So why choose an old school method to clean and maintain your pool?

The Perfect Hayward Poolvergnuegen 896584000013 2X Suction Pool Cleaner it is an automatic machine which is very essential for every house with a concrete pool. This unique machine performs very well and is easy to operate. Best Hayward Poolvergnuegen pool cleaner is designed specially, for cleaning the floor of the swimming pool very efficiently. Within a very short period of time, you can manage to clean the pool’s nadir point and render the pool dust and grim free.

Benefits Of Having This 2X Suction Pool Cleaner

    • This simple and sleek machine allows many ways to clean all the dirt and unwanted particles from the pool’s water level and also from its floor. You can use it easily in a short, long and medium size pool. There is no need to have any other appliances in order to clean different sized pools.

    • It is designed with a dedicated suction line and a skimmer application which plays the key role in cleaning all the dirt present very fast.

    • It is professionally designed with the technique of a four-wheel suction cleaner. It cleans from the sides of the swimming pool. Most of the products which are available in the market, often fail to clean the corner and edgy sides of the pool. But, this user handy smart appliance will clean the corners of your pool very efficiently. In fact, it is particularly designed to do so.

    • One of the best features of top Hayward Poolvergnuegen 896584000013 2X Suction Pool Cleaner is that, it is not heavy at all. This sleekly design machine is very fast in cleaning too. It is often noticed that installing a device is often pretty troublesome for people, but with the pre installed nature of this particular machine, you can put your worries to rest.


So to say, with the Top Pool vacuum, all your troubles during cleaning and maintenance of your swimming pool, can be over real fast. With supreme components and materials of the highest functioning quality, this product is something to reckon with.

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      • It has a 50 ft cord enabling maximum access.

      • Hayward Sharkvac weighs 55 pounds

      • Available in two sizes standard and XL.

      • Dimensions of the product are 24 x 17.5 x 29.5 inches

      • Innovative design with top positioned filter bag.

      • Built with a micro processer based technology

      • Enhanced technology makes it economical.

Hayward RC9742 SharkVac Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Caddy is the latest innovation in the robotic pool cleaners segment. It is considered as the most economical automatic robotic pool cleaners available in the market. The company has designed this product after a thorough understanding of customer’s requirements and features that they are looking for in a pool cleaner. The Sharkvac has been designed in such a way that the user remains completely hassle free as they have built the garbage bag on top of the machine instead at the bottom. So now users do not have to lift the machine to clean the garbage bag. It is so convenient to clean the garbage bag.

Hayward RC9742 SharkVac Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is a star product among all the robotic pool cleaners. Highly energy efficient as it uses energy as low as required by a standard light bulb. It comes with a caddy for convenient handling and storage. It cleans the pool very well by removing all the debris, the scrubbing brush easily scrubs the dirtiest stains giving a sparkling look to the pool. Be it steps, floor or corners, Hayward SharkVac cleaners work very smoothly.

Best Features

      • Top debris storage container for an easy removal of debris, no more turning the machine upside down.

      • Reasonably priced along with many salient features makes it an ideal investment for cleaning the pool.

      • It brightens the pool with the help of strong scrubbing brush.

      • The dual function of scrubbing and vacuuming makes the product worth a buy,

      • Compact and light weight

      • It comes in two sizes that is “Standard” or “XL”, so you can select as per the size of your pool.

      • Hayward SharkVack works great on tiles, in-ground vinyl and concrete pool.

      • Cleans the pool in just 2 hours.

      • It comes with or without a caddy, but it is always better to purchase it with caddy for easy handling and storage.

      • The product is fabulous with minimum operating cost and maximum performance.

      • The innovative micro processor based technology enables for excellent cleaning of the pool

      • It collects all the leaves from the pool.

      • It comes with a low maintenance cost.


      • Climbs the walls of the pool for maximum cleaning

      • Saves a lot of time because of reduced cycle time

      • Very efficient in performance, as requires very little energy.

      • The most economical robotic pool cleaners

      • 50 feet cord leads to maximum coverage

      • It is very easy to clean and uses the pool with Hayward SmartVac

      • Since it comes without the hoses and booster pumps so the maintenance cost is very low.

      • It vacuums leaves, stones, slit and sand so there is absolutely nothing that it cannot pick up.

      • It does not turtle on its back.

      • Superior quality and enhanced technology

      • An amazing product at an attractive price.


      • There is one drawback with Haywar SharkVac, i.e. it flips sideways while cleaning the pool, which is very irritating.


Hayward RC9742 SharkVac Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Caddy is an amazing product given the price and efficiency. It has been judged the best by the users and they have rated it with 5 stars for its unmatchable performance. Few customers have even given 3 stars and have cited tangling of the cord as a problem and flipping sideways while in the pool. I have personally not yet experienced these two problems. So for me this works wonders by making my task much more easier than before. This is one of the best pool cleaners I have ever purchased, it has been 6 months and it has not given me any hiccups.

I can happily recommend this to all who are looking for an innovative automatic pool cleaner. The compact body and sleek design is quiet impressive. And it is so economical that the energy consumed by it is equivalent to 2 light bulbs.

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      • Programmed for 60 minutes and 3 hours work cycle.

      • 55 feet long cord.

      • Super light just weighs 21.5 pounds

      • Moving parts are made of Acetal and stainless steel

      • Ground speed is calculated at 55feet per minute

      • Input Voltage is 110 volt and the output voltage is 24 VDC

      • The rate of suction is 75 gallons per minute.

Hayward RC9990 Tiger Shark Quick Clean Robotic pool cleaner 110volt/24-VDC was introduced to make cleaning pool a simple task. The company has been selling TigerShark since the past 40 years worldwide. One of the many advantages of TigerShark Quick clean in comparison to pressure or suction cleaners is that it uses less energy than its counterparts. Hence, making it energy efficient and a low maintenance product. The main USP of TigerShark QC Pool Cleaner is that it cleans the entire pool within 60 minutes. The program is set at two options one at a quick clean of 60 minutes and other is for normal cleaning cycle of 3 hours.

The best part of Hayward TigerShark QC Pool Cleaner is that it comes with a 3-year warranty. Tiger Shark QC removes the debris from every corner of the pool and every inch of the floor and walls efficiently. Super light in weight makes it portable for swift movement. It is ideal for a residential pool size of 20’x40’.

Best Features

      • Energy efficient and low maintenance.

      • An enhanced quick clean feature along with standard cleaning cycle.

      • Cleans corners, walls, floors, and steps too.

      • Auto cut off power function

      • Compact and lightweight

      • The inbuilt smart computer enables it to calculate the size of the pool for energy efficient cleaning.

      • It scrubs the dirt and vacuums the debris from the pool.

      • Portable and comes with 55 feet cord.

      • It has easy to clean the filter cartridge.

      • Most suitable for home pools.

      • No hoses or hookups are required.

      • Tiger Shark Quick Clean does spot clean-up

      • Last minute clean up is possible.


      • Gives spotless clean pool.

      • Comes handy for the quick clean up session.

      • Does not get stuck while cleaning or climbing the walls.

      • Never misses corners, extracts all the debris from tight spots.

      • Easy to maneuver even on 60 minutes quick clean up mode.

      • Two modes clean-up programs ie, quick of 60 minutes and standard of 3 hours

      • Equipped with an efficient filter which cleans the water very well.

      • Works sans constant monitoring, designed to work independently.

      • Computer technology scans the size of the pool and debris.

      • Comes with 3 years of warranty.

      • Tiger Shark filters the finer particles which are missed by other robotic pool cleaners.


      • The Tigershark sometimes gets stuck on the drain covers and cord also gets tangled.


More than 90 percent of the users have given 5 stars to Hayward TigerShark QC Review. For me, it is a blessing when I have to clean the pool quickly just before a pool party. The feature of 60 minutes quick session makes it possible for me. Tiger Shark is worth every penny because it has made life so much easier, otherwise cleaning the pool was a big headache. It can clean all types of the pool but is best suited for residential pools. Hayward is one of the renowned companies and has been in this business for over 4 decades, so I decided to go for their RC9990 Tiger Shark Quick Clean Is The Best Robotic Pool Cleaner.

There were one to two negative reviews about the cord getting stuck and cleaning of the filter bags. But on the contrary, cleaning of filters has become so much easier, just put on the water hose and all the debris is removed within seconds. Go for Hayward TigerShark QC if you are looking for an energy efficient quick clean up and it will surely not disappoint you!

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The Hayward 2025ADC Poolvac XL Cleaner is undoubtedly one of the most efficient products till date. It comes preinstalled and has lots of unique methods to clean the pool.

It is an automatic appliance that helps to clean the water level of the pool. Also, cleaning the concrete floor of the pool is easy. Most of the pool vacuum cleaners fail to perform and clean the edgy corners of the ground level. But, this magical product offers high efficiency techniques which cleans every nook and corner of your pool all too easily.

Easy cleaning process is the first priority for any cleaning machine, but you also have to ensure that it should be done in swift manner and with great efficiency. The light weight appliance is an automatic appliance that is very user friendly. Here are some of its exclusive benefits.

Benefits Of Owning The Hayward 2025ADC Poolvac XL Cleaner

      • It is exclusively designed with the Aqua pilot technique, i.e. with variety of steering patterns while cleaning the ground level of the Swimming pool. It also assures thorough pool coverage. This product can easily clean the lower levels without any issues and help bring back the old beauty of the designed concrete floor.

      • It is preinstalled with the existing filtering system which allows extra care while cleaning. No additional equipment is needed for this purpose and you don’t need to invest your money for any extra machine.

      • Turbine technology is the main reason behind its noise free cleaning method. So you can’t hear any type of sound during the cleaning process.

      • It has ready-to-use methodology and so you don’t need to worry about the installation process. It takes lesser than ten minutes to connect to the skimmer or the suction port.


      • Low electrical usage saves electricity.

      • Maximum efficiency even at lower speed pumps.

      • It requires low maintenance.

      • It is a quiet & zero noise pollution.


      • There is only one disadvantage of baracuda G3 over other cleaners that is its speed is slower than other cleaners.


With the above mentioned benefits, you can clearly conclude that the Hayward 2025ADC Poolvac XL Cleaner can manage to clean your pool easily. It is largely affordable and also has strong reviews in its favor. Therefore, owning it can only make things easier on you.

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      • It weighs 40 pounds and has a suction rate of 75gpm.

      • It comes with a 1-year warranty on labor and its components.

      • It consists of an on-board microprocessor that calculates and adapts to its own energy-efficient cleaning pattern.

      • It is composed of a direct drive that is accompanied by a polyurethane drive track and stainless steel bearing system.

      • The wheel brush is used to scrub the surface, while its vacuum simultaneously sucks the trapped dirt in the cartridge filter.

The Hayward TigerShark QC (Quick Clean) Robotic Pool Cleaners are one of the top five best selling pool cleaners available in today’s market. It is an incredibly efficient and time saving cleaner, owing to its patented Quick Clean Technology. It can be used conveniently to absorb all sorts of contaminants, and comes at a relatively affordable price.

Hayward TigerShark QC features maximum energy efficiency, with the capacity to save up to 80% energy per hour, as compared to its AC forerunners. The biggest benefit is its dual cleaning capacity, the automatic and quick cleaning. The Hayward TigerShark QC is easy to use and you can operate it with completely no hassles. How? All you have to do is take it out from the box, attach it to the socket and the device is ready for use with absolutely no need of additional tools.

Best Features

      • It has a Patented Filter Cartridge System, which consists of an easy to clean filter cartridges, instead of bags, thus allowing easy cleanup options such as rinsing with a garden hose.

      • Consists of a Patented Quick Clean Technology that features a fast 90 minute clean up cycle.

      • It comes with a three year warranty.

      • There is no assembly required, all the parts are ready to use.

      • It features automatic scan and mapping of the pool, for greater energy savings.

      • The second option is the Quick Clean mode, which takes shortest time possible for cleaning the entire pool.

      • Works optimally for any pool sized up to 20×40 feet

      • Allows for automatic shut down after every 3 hour cleaning cycle.

      • Features 24 volt DC motor, for greater energy efficiency.

      • It has an easy access to the debris chamber.

      • Is supported with an in built computer to calculate the height, width and breadth of the pool.

      • It can efficiently filter particles up to 5 microns, which ensures maximum water purity and health.


      • It is technologically superior as compared to the suction or pressure models.

      • Filters very tiny impurities, to give the pool sparkling clean water.

      • Requires little to no maintenance

      • No manual operation is required

      • The two cleaning systems allow the user to set the cleaner to work according to personal preferences.

      • Cleans every part of the pool, including the parts made of glass, vinyl or gunite.


      • It spends a greater time in the deeper parts of the pool, implying that the automatic scan does not work perfectly.


After intense scrutiny, I have concluded that the Hayward RC9990GR TigerShark QC pool cleaner is undoubtedly one of the best pool cleaners that are applicable for residential pool cleaning. The TigerShark family brings out the best in robotic cleaners by combining a well defined design with maximum efficiency. The cleaning system implemented in the device is most effective in cleaning every nook and corner of the pool meticulously.

Though manual input is needed in cleaning the filter cartridges and occasionally untangling the power cables, it doesn’t consume a considerable time and effort. Overall, I give the product 5 stars for an all round exceptional feature integration and performance.