Hayward HP50TA Titanium Pool Heat Pump Review

The Hayward HP50TA 50000 Titanium Pool Heat Pump that compresses air to exchange heat with the pool water. This heat pump is suitable for the pool volume up to 13000 gallons. The BTU rating of the equipment is 50000, work son voltage of 240 with ampere rating of 30. The exchange is made of titanium which has high resistance and best above ground pool heat pump to chemical products. The operation of the system is quite silent. Electricity rating of the product is very low. These best heat pumps feature an electronic control that helps you easily maintain the perfect temperature. The upper body of the exchange is constructed with an injection molded polypropylene exterior cabinet.

best above ground pool heater

How It Works

Hayward HP50TA 50000 Titanium is air compression heat pump is quite good and work very efficiently. When it is attached to the pool water and started. It begins to warm water asap, and you will realize how fast the operation was. The popularity of these heaters are on the rise. People are considering buying them for the benefits over other type of heaters. It doesn’t use any kind of fuel, just electricity, hence no emissions which makes it environmental friendly like solar heaters. Also, it uses less electricity than electric heaters, and don’t have fuel cost like gas heaters. It is suggested to go for Hayward HP50TA 50000 Titanium Pool Heat Pump if you have a plan of buying decent pool heater that is easy on your pocket.

The only thing that bugs is the noise it makes while working, plus the vibrations. However it is clearly written in the manual that it is silent, but it does have some sound. This is the only flaw, in this heat pump. Air temperature should be high for efficient working.

Customer Support

Customer support of the company is good, but you have to convey your message properly, because sometime they refuse to take the replacement, or just don’t listen. However, the company provides 1 year warranty, but anything could happen in the equipment. It is suggested to thoroughly check the customer support in your area.

Best Features

  • Working is above the ground
  • Easily warms up the pools up to 13,000 gallons
  • The BTU rating of the system is 50,000 working on, 240V, 60 Hz, 30 Amp Service Required
  • The installation is easy and wiring can be done smoothly
  • 1.5 inch plumbing connections
  • Bit Quiet Operation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Titanium construction of the heat exchanger
  • Electronic temperature control system
Pros & Cons

  • Low electricity
  • Eco friendly
  • Strong body
  • Easy operation

  • Air temp should be high


Overall, if we sum it up into conclusion, this top rated heat pump is efficient than most of the present in the market. However the operation is little bit noisy. The Hayward HP50TA 50000 Titanium Pool Heat Pump doesn’t use electricity that much, and the core is protected from corrosion against chemical products, due to titanium construction. It also doesn’t cost as much as solar, and could be used in any type of environment. It is a great choice for the starters, you should definitely go and buy them.

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