Hayward Diver Dave AR700 Pool Vacuum Cleaner Review

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Are you looking for the best pool vacuum cleaner that could effectively wash away all the dirt in your pool? Well, this is not a big deal anymore! Hayward Above-Ground Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner is already here to give you an effective and convenient answer. This product would be very helpful to every user to maintain the cleanliness of their pools at home.

Who Could Buy or Benefit from this product?

This Hayward AR700 Above-Ground Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner is primarily designed for everyone who experiences difficulties cleaning their pools at home.  This is also effective to be used by people who wanted to clean their pools easily and fast. Using the product could give homeowners easiness and convenience cleaning their pools, even if huge numbers of people have used your pools.

Product Description

This Hayward AR700 Above-Ground Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner is primarily designed to be used by people in cleaning permanently installed swimming pools above the ground only. These permanently installed swimming pools are situated in or even on the ground so that it could not be easily disassembled for its pool storage. Thus, this pool vacuum cleaner is not suitable to be used as a cleaning tool in Intex pools or even to the soft-sided type of pools since there might be possibilities that it can affect the swimming pools surface.

Best Features

This Hayward AR700 Above-Ground Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner has several features that people would really love and this includes the following:

  • Best pool cleaner for vinyl and on ground pools with a specific feature of Above Ground Suction.
  • Slotted Santoprene Shoes that enables it to take brisk turns.
  •  It improves swimming pools water circulation and filtration by means of pulling the water in the bottom area as cleaning processes start.
  • It is high-tech having a contoured head that allows complete and constant steering pattern in constant time.


This Hayward AR700 Above-Ground Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner is very essential and effective for the pool owners since this can make your pool cleaning activity more exciting and fun. People need to take only a few minutes cleaning the pool when using this product. It can effectively suck even tiny particles and dirt that is found inside the pool.  It is a great tool that helps every user in cleaning the bottom part of their pool in just a few minutes. Its steering system and turbine really perform better even if how deep your swimming pool is.


The only shortcoming with this product is that it can only clean the floors of the on ground pools and cannot clean the walls due to its inability to climb them so you are required to make sure the type of pool you wish to clean with this pool cleaner.

Customers Reviews and Scores

This, being a comparatively new product in the market, still waits to fetch reviews and ratings online. Considerable live demos and technical specifications have been used to write reviews about the product. So be the one to buy this pool cleaner and be the first one post reviews online.


Hayward AR700 Above-Ground Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner is really a great swimming pool cleaning tool that people shouldn’t miss to have. Although you cannot use this to different types of pools, still it gives people a complete and high-quality cleaning result and is quite affordable as compared to other pool cleaners. Be assured to maintain the cleanliness of your pools even if it is being used by a number of people.

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