Dolphin Triton 99996356 Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Looking for the best Dolphin Triton 99996356 robotic pool cleaner review. Dolphin Triton Robotic Pool Cleaner is an automatic cleaner that leaves your pool sparkling every time you use it and is especially designed to clean commercial pools which are as huge as 50 feet in length. Its advanced technology enables it to efficiently scan the pool and proceed to clean in a shorter cycle. Not only does this pool cleaner effectively cleans the floor of the pool but also brushes, vacuums and filters the walls and the waterlines of the pool, leaving behind a spotless and hygienic pool ready to be dived into in no time. Furthermore, the multiple filter options are an added advantage of this automatic pool cleaner.


Best Feature Of Dolphin Triton 99996356

  • Extremely simplistic to use.
  • It is compact in terms of size.
  • It effectively brushes, cleans and vacuums.
  • It very productively cleans the walls and the waterlines along with the floor.
  • It is built with an advanced technology that enables it to scan the pool and operate on a shorter time cycle.
  • Does a vigorous brushing and scrubbing of the entire area.
  • Quite efficient in getting rid of all algae and bacteria.
  • Comes with an extra brushing system.
  • Equipped with three filtration options: the disposable ultra fine, ultra fine, coarse filter bags.
  • It has an exceptionally easy cleaning filter mechanism which makes the after cleaning process a hassle free routine.
  • It consumes minimum amount of electricity even if it is being used for a longer duration.
  • The three hour cycle of the cleaner successfully balances the cleaning of the floor of the pool as well as the walls and the waterlines.
  • The 60 feet swivel cables that form a part of the pool cleaner prevent tangling.
  • Works magnificently for all types of pool floors; tiles, liner and concrete.
  • The total cleaning time of the entire pool area will always come out to be less than three hours.
  • While cleaning as well as after cleaning there is no leakage or spilling of debris from the filters of the cleaner.

Specifications Of Dolphin Triton Pool Cleaner

  • Dolphin Triton 99996356 comes with a 60 feet cable
  • The overall weight of this pool cleaner is around 18.75 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 19.5×19.5×23.5 inches.
  • There is also a caddy which comes along with it
  • One cleaning cycle spans for a minimum duration of three hours
  • Equipped with three types of brushes. Use them according to your needs and requirements.
  • It comes with two defined options of filtration system, filter bag or cartridge.
  • Bag kit is also available.
  • Suitable to be operated on tiles, liner and concrete pool floor.
  • Remote is optional
  • Suction rate of this pool cleaner is about 4,233 gallons per hour.


Pros & Cons Of Dolphin 99996356 Triton Robotic Pool Cleaner

  • It is an extremely easy to use robotic machine.
  • The device is highly performance oriented and delivers on all the claims made by the manufacturers.
  • It consumes bare amount of electricity.
  • Also it comes with a caddy which makes transporting this cleaner easy and hassle free.
  • There is absolutely NO additional hardware required to operate the Dolphin Triton pool cleaner.
  • The pool cleaner scrubs, vacuums and filters the pool simultaneously.
  • The filter that is built-in at times feels to be too small for large debris.
  • Sometimes requires an additional bag in case the pool gets filled with leaves.

Final Verdict

After using the device, I have realized that it’s a brilliant and effective piece in terms of its smooth functioning and at that requires a low maintenance cost. The overall usage of this device is quite simplistic and hassle free. It effectively and thoroughly cleans your pool leaving it spotless. Unlike other pool cleaners it is very easily transportable and can be moved around with any trouble. The low energy consumption is an added advantage for the users. Buy this today. It is highly recommended to those who have a tough time in cleaning their pools.

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