5 Most Energy Efficient Pool Pumps of 2020

Summer is here ! Just get your pool in the best working order.

Everything becomes so much easier when things work smoothly and perfectly for your swim pool. Of course, the pool pump is the heart, that makes the functionality of the pool absolutely correct. Let me tell you here, if the pool pump doesn’t work properly then nothing is going to work well.

The pool pump should be of extremely good quality, as it works to circulate the pool water and keeps it hygienic and at its working best. While buying a pool pump consider the volume energy and strength of the pool, as this enables the best cleaning or pool heating (winter season). My article speaks about some best pool pumps with their types, products and preferences.

Best Pool Pumps In Each Type - A Quick Look Through

Single Speed

Hayward SP2610X15

pool pump reviews consumer reports

  • Quiet & Versatile

  • Most Reliable & Durable

  • Heavy Duty

Dual Speed

Hayward SP2610X152S

pool pump reviews consumer reports

  • High Speed

  • Great Quality

  • Easy Installation

Variable Speed

Pentair 342001


  • Energy Eficent

  • Quick Installation

  • Digital Display

Top 3 QUIETEST POOL PUMPS - In Depth Reviewed

Single Speed Pool Pumps

A single speed pool pump is a traditional pump and one of the most commonly used one for cleaning pools and more. Since decades this pool pump is well known for its working and functionality and has proved its value in terms of reliability and performance. Their efficiency is measured in terms of horsepower, and are available in various designs and sizes.

From its usage from small pools to larger ones, they come with different horsepower ranging from ½ hp to 2 hp for commercial use as well. This is preferred by people as is not an expensive option. Though the pump is single so it tends to consume more energy, and is suitable for large sized pools that are used less.

Its Features:

A single speed pool pump, as mentioned above also, uses a single-speed induction motor for its operation. These come with a horse power of ½ hp to 2 hp and provide with excessive filtration with an amazing flow rate, keeping your pool clean and functional. An RMP of 3,450 make this possible and it requires 1,500 to 2,500 watts of electricity for functioning.

When Are Single Speed Pool Pumps Preferred?

Single speed pool pumps work great and are used since decades. These are more preferable as compared to the other pool pumps when it comes to cost, reliability and durability. You can easily get a single speed pump at about 1000 dollars less than the other alternatives of similar size, not so costly affair to buy. Since 1975 they came into existence, so obviously reliable.

Hayward SP2610X15

The Hayward Super Pump as the name is, the workhorse of the industry. This one is a great pump that is reliable and efficient. This one works quietly, and has a cooler operation due to its motor that is heavy duty and is of high performance. Also provides proper air flow ventilation. The super pump is equipped with swing way hand knobs, that helps in easy straining, without the need of tools or loose parts or clamps.

It also possesses a strainer cover that is see-through, and helps you know whenever cleaning is required. This comes with a debris basket of large size (110-cubic-inch basket) and can hold lot of leaves for eliminating the requirement of frequent maintenance.You can easily access the internal parts as this one is designed for easy service and comes with a suction lift feature.

This one is stable as features a mounting base and a very versatile super pool pump. The price of this pump is a little higher as compared to the other alternatives, though performs excellently. The large basket saves your, in between cleaning time and works with least noise. The most recommended product, for single speed pumps.



  • This one comes with a heavy-duty and a motor that exhibits high performance.

  • Also features swing-away knobs.

  • A large debris basket and a see-through strainer cover.

  • This one is heat resistant and has a ceramic seal.

  • A very versatile and a stable pool pump.

  • The access to internal components is easy.


  • A bit expensive to buy than the other alternatives.

Dual Speed Pool Pumps

A dual speed pool pump as the name is, work on two motors at a less speed, providing more efficiency. This one can easily change its speed from slow to fast. This gives a luxurious feel to your pool, and gives spa-like feel. You can witness a great experience like a Jacuzzi when you use this dual speed pump.

This one makes you save your electricity bills as doesn’t work on a high speed all the time. Dual speed of the pool pump can be referred to as a balanced speed here, providing more efficiency and less operational costs.

Its Features:

As mentioned above the pump can switch over and change its speed. This can be changed from RMPs 1,725 to RMPs 3,450 as per your need and the pool requirement. This one works amazingly for spas and functions at a low speed for filtration and for jet action, at a very high speed.

When Are Dual Speed Pool Pumps Preferred?

The dual speed pool pumps are preferred when it comes to speed, cost and efficiency and quiet operation. This one saves a lot of money as has low operational costs, and the speed is also a factor as these can work at two different HPs. Though are a little expensive than single speed pumps but the dual speed pumps operate quietly.

Hayward SP2610X152S

The Hayward pool pump is the best inground pool pump that is designed with technological perfection and can make you feel a proud owner when possessing a pool pump of great quality and efficiency. This one is best suited for inground pools of different size and type. This self priming pool pump can give a lift to water level up to 8 feet or above. This also owns a debris basket in a super-size, that provides with easy maintenance.

The most recommended product for dual pool pump.The Dual super pump is equipped with swing aside hard knobs that help in removal of strainer cover with ease. A wonderful see through strainer cover that omits any kind of guess work for cleaning purposes. You will easily come to know when the cleaning is required. This super pump boasts of a motor that is heavy duty and a high performance one.

The performance of the pump is not noisy and is quiet and operates with cool. The availability of this pump comes in different speed models with separate horsepower and voltage patterns. This pump comes with easy installation and omits the need of any tools, loose parts or clamps. The access to internal components is also very convenient with just quick 4 bolts.



  • An efficient and dependable super pool pump.

  • Especially designed for inground pools and spas.

  • Features a heavy duty and high-performance motor.

  • Easy access to internal components and a large sized debris basket.


  • Doesn’t use automated panels.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps

As discussed about the other two types of pumps, this one is unlike those as can work on more than two speeds. The variable speed pool pump provides you with the flexibility to work with more than two speed options. It is entirely at the discretion of the pool owner, that what speed he or she chooses.

The speed can vary among fast, moderate or slow options. This one saves a lot of energy as consumes less due to its speed manipulation feature. The variable speed pump consumes very less energy than the single-speed pump.

Its Features:

The variable speed pool pumps can work at different and full range of speeds between 600 RMP to 3450 RMP. A pump that can easily operate with at HPs of high range. This one operates with least noise and cost around 650 to 1,200 dollars. They run at low speed and consume less energy than the dual pool pumps.

When Are The Variable Pool Pumps Preferred?

The variable pool pumps are preferred over other pool pumps as they come with minimum operational costs. The flow rates of these pumps are fine and they work with minimum noise. These can work at HPs of full range and come with working ability of more than 2 speed options.

Pentair 342001

This one comes at an affordable price as due to its manipulative feature to work at different speed levels and has very low operational costs. It is one of the best above ground pool pump and has the capability of 110-230 V. This is equipped with a real time clock that has a memory retention of complete 24 hours. As compared to the single speed pumps this can provide an average saving of 0.16 dollars kWh, while working for 12 hours a day (a pool of 20,000 gallons).

The suction ability of this pump is amazing and prevents dripping.This one comes with simple installation and is user friendly for programming and operation. This one boasts of three operating speed settings and provides an easy access to electrical connections. The pump possesses an override capability and is intuitive with simplicity.

This one runs so quietly that you will just forget the high-pitched noise. You can reduce your energy costs up to 80%. It has an easy to access wiring compartment that makes installation quick and easy. This VS pump is equipped with an onboard digital display that makes the operation easy.



  • This one makes the water flow more easily at lower speeds.

  • It is best suited for pools of 1.5 hp pump.

  • Reduces the energy costs up to 80%.

  • Doesn’t require any expensive rewiring.

  • Features an on-board digital display.

  • Works very quietly and efficiently.


  • A bit expensive option.

  • Makes a little noise.

Decide Right For Choosing The Best Pool Pump ?

Before doing your purchase consider some more factors. As it might be tricky and confusing for before selecting a suitable pool pump model. By using the right type of pump, you will certainly add more fun and sparkle to your dream pool. The hygiene factor can never be forgotten here, as an unclean pool is so depressing and sad. For much solace and fun go for a pump of highest quality by considering a few more things:

1. The Type Of Pool - Inground Or Above Ground

When you buy a pool pump then first of all just consider the type of pool you have. A huge range of pool pumps are available for pools whether in-ground or above ground. As has been discussed in the article above that pool pumps are the heart as it becomes extremely necessary to use these for proper circulation and keep the pool clean and functional.

You can choose a pool pump that suffices your need for an inground or above ground pool. The pump and your requirements should match properly for best outcomes. The inground pumps possess a self-priming feature for lifting water and the above ground pumps don’t have this ability. The placement of the pump should be according to your pool type.

high efficiency pool pump

2. The Horsepower Of The Pump

After the type of pool comes the horsepower of a pool pump.

What Is Horsepower?

This can be referred to as the measurement unit for the pool pump’s power. This directly relates to the electricity consumed by a pool pump, for e.g. a pump of 1.5 horsepower will use about 1,500 to 2,000 watts. If we look at it the other way, pools require ¼ to 1/8 horsepower normally in order to circulate water. So, higher power is required for bigger tasks like pool vacuuming. Though, the pool pumps that come in a modern design feature circulation and vacuum mode both.

3. The Voltage

Before choosing a pool pump the voltage of the pump matters a lot. As the pool pumps use electricity, so you should be completely aware before hand that what you are buying. In general, most of the pools that are above ground require a pump of 110 V. This has to be found out whether the pump works or runs on 110 or 220 V. The manufacturer always puts a label so that you know beforehand what specific voltage the pump has. Incase you are unable to determine it with the label then you can test it by reviewing the pump wiring. The voltmeter and multimeter can help you know the electric potential. The AC and DC resistances also should be known in order to prevent any kind of short circuit or damage.

Voltage Of Pool Pump

Size Of The Pump

4. The Size Of The Pump

Before choosing a pool pump the voltage of the pump matters a lot. As the pool pumps use electricity, so you should be completely aware before hand that what you are buying. In general, most of the pools that are above ground require a pump of 110 V. This has to be found

out whether the pump works or runs on 110 or 220 V. The manufacturer always puts a label so that you know beforehand what specific voltage the pump has. Incase you are unable to determine it with the label then you can test it by reviewing the pump wiring. The voltmeter and multimeter can help you know the electric potential. The AC and DC resistances also should be known in order to prevent any kind of short circuit or damage.

Calculating Your Pool Gallons

  1. It can be done with the help of a simple formula- length x width x depth x 7.5 equals to the volume of pool water in gallons.

  2. The average depth can be calculated, for e.g. the shallow end is 3 feet and deep end is 9 feet with an even slope then the depth is supposed to be 6 ft. (average).

  3. Changing meters to feet, 1m = 3.28 ft.

So, accordingly you can choose the gallon capacity according to your pool measurements by adding the values. The gallons per hour to be converted to gallons per minute and then into liters per minute will help you in deciding your pump size.

5. The Noise Of Pump

When the pump works, then it is bound to produce sound as the piping and pump casing emit noise due to vibration. The air surrounds the pump and the vibrations interact and is considered to be airborne. The fluctuations take place due to pressure and transient flow. The impeller vanes make the energy transfer and the noise happens. When you think of buying a pool pump, check for a pump that makes least noise. You can go through the features of the above-mentioned products in the article, that will give you a clearer view.

6. The Pump’s Flow Rate

As discussed above in pool size, the flow rate is supposed to be the per minute water movement (number of gallons) by the pump. It should be completed in about eight hours for proper cleaning, such as a pool of a capacity of 25,000 gallons will require per minute circulation of about 52 gallons for the cycle to complete for the whole pool according to the time.

The Most Energy Efficient Pool Pump

Out of all the types of pool pumps the variable speed pool pumps are considered to be the most energy efficient. They tend to save a lot of money and can reduce up to 90% energy costs. These are amazing pumps and have a speed manipulative feature, that can work at different speeds. They operate quietly and efficiently. The Tristar is a good option to buy. The variable speed pool pumps are more energy efficient than the single or dual speed pumps. This is certainly beneficial for a pool owner to go for a pump like this. After all who doesn’t want to reduce energy costs?

Energy Efficient Pool Pump

The Pool Pump That Is Quiet In Operation

Pools are a perfect place to relax and enjoy. So, these pool pumps just work magically to filter or pump the water keeping your pool clean and functional. Due to the vibrations in the piping and pump they tend to make noise. But there are some of the pool pumps that are supposed top be the quietest, like the Hayward SP1580X15 Power Flo, as it works efficiently and ensures quiet operation. There are some more like the Blue Wave, Harris and other pool pumps by Hayward that are great to use. It feels really good if the pump doesn’t produce much noise, so one should buy such type of pool pump.

Connecting Pool Pump To A Swimming Pool

When it comes to connecting the pool pump to a swimming pool, this isn’t difficult. You can just go the DIY process. The instructions are on the manual, so always go through them first. Simple steps can be followed for installing and establishing connection.


The pump has to be attached to the motor with bolts and nuts, and suction side of the pump should be attached to the water line from the pool. A shut-off valve should be attached to the suction side of the pump, and a line to be attached to the pump outlet.


Unions should be used for connecting pump with the filter assembly of discharge line. A flush valve should also be connected in order to clean or back flush your filter as required. This also helps in redirecting pool water to any outside area. The connection should be finished using a shutoff valve, which goes back to the pool.

Pool Pump To Swimming Pool Connected

The discharge and intake side of the filter to be connected with a shutoff valve for best outcome, as they will enable detachment without water tapping.

How Often And For How Long You Should Run The Pool Pump?

I have mentioned in the article also that the pool pump should run for about 8 hours for proper water filtration and circulation. Your pool pump should be efficient enough to circulate the pool water completely in the 8-hour duration. The entire pool water in gallons if circulated and filtered, determines the pump’s ability and consistency, though some pool pumps have an overrated horsepower as per the pool size. It is always recommended to run the pool pumps for shorter duration when required. The pool run for extra time will lead to extra electric bills.