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Sta-Rite P6E6XS4H-209L Pool Pump Review


It is always better to go for a pump that will best suit the needs of the pool owner before spending their hard earned money on an in-ground pool pump. The size of the pool plays a major role in selecting the pump. The size of the pump should be ideal enough to move the water through the filter so ...


XtremepowerUS Energy Pool Pump Review

XtremepowerUS Energy Efficient Variable 2 Speed 1HP Inground Swimming Pool Pump

The swimming pool is the place where you enjoy for a while in the water. Thus, you need to keep your swimming pool water clear and fresh. The machine that is responsible for circulating clear water into the pools is the Swimming Pool Pump. Thus, you need an energy-efficient pump for your swimming ...


Types of Ground Pool Pumps

best pool cleaner for booster pump

There are two kinds of man-made pools used for swimming: the in-ground and the above-ground pools. Ground pool pumps are specifically made for either kind. It is not ideal to use an in-ground pool pump for an above ground pool, and vice versa. Thus, if you are looking for ground pools pumps, be ...


Hayward Super Pool Pumps Review

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The Hayward Super Pump is a technology advanced in-ground pool pump with high performance and quiet operation. It is designed for all types and sizes of in-ground pools as well in in-ground spas. Keywords of the Hayward Super Pump are: efficient, dependable and proven. The design of the Hayward ...


Pumps Work Quickly And Efficiently

Pool Pump System

During the winter months when your pool is not being used, water will accumulate on the top of the swimming pool cover. It can be a frustrating and expensive job removing the water. There are a couple of things you can do about this problem. First, you might just dump the water into the pool, ...