Automatic Solar Powered Pool Skimmers Review 2020

Allowing leaves, debris, and bugs to sit in your pool doesn’t just make the pool look ugly, these contaminants stain the surface of your pool, affect its water balance, and even reduce the effectiveness of the chemicals you apply.

The solution is to get the best automatic pool skimmer you can find as they are vital tools for draining operation and filtering pool water as well as maintaining your pool.

It feels more joyful while swimming when you have a clean swimming pool. We can play games with pool side basketball hoop, hang on pool side, and do a lot more.

Though the best pool skimmers are usually those mounted on the wall, you might require manual skimmers with durable fine mesh and handy poles. We bring you the best skimmers on the market today to help improve the look of your facility in no time.

2019's Top Trending Solar Pool Skimmers

Solar Breeze is solar powered pool cleaner but it also continue cleaning at night. During the day, it draws power from its solar cells and the extra charge is stored in a 5300 mAh li-ion battery to be used when the sun goes down or when the unit enters a shaded part of your pool.

The unit is completely self-reliant when it comes to charging; there’s no need to plug it into any power outlet and it doesn’t come with a charger. If the weather is cloudy, the unit goes into standby mode until it has enough power to resume work.

The robotic pool skimmer has a smart navigation system to increase its cleaning efficiency. Looking at it you might be thinking the unit is broken as it spends most of its time around the edges of the pool, which if you consider it, is actually a good thing; it is well known that debris naturally floats away from the middle of the pool towards the edges.

You can insert the skimmer in the pool and walk away, it’ll take care of itself. You should check the debris tray periodically depending on the amount of debris on the pool surface, so you empty it ASAP before some of the debris can spill back into the pool.if you are interested with more floating pool skimmers option then you can check skim-a-around models.


  • Works great for debris on the pool surface.
  • The wastebasket is easy to remove and reinstall.
  • Its solar part works absolutely well.
  • It can run for hours after sundown.


  • It doesn’t last very long.
  • Customer service needs improvements.

The SolaSkimmer pool cleaner prevents the hand-skimming of your pool, which is time-consuming and difficult. It also reduces the time spent on pump circulation, which means it can actually lower your energy bill. It has no cords to get tangled up and no parts to regularly replace, and it can pick up both small and large particles out of the water.

This skimmer contains four infrared sensors and two water jets that help it detect walls and allow it to continuously clean your entire pool. It also turns itself in a different direction every five minutes, so you are guaranteed it will never get stuck or remain in the same position for too long.


  • The “auto-turn” feature of skimmer prevents it from ever getting stuck
  • Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee
  • Continuously collects debris so that the debris never sinks to the bottom


  • Some complaints about it missing some debris
  • Some complaints about it stopping periodically
  • Some complaints about it not working around the clock

The Solar Breeze pool skimmer is able to remove up to 95% of the debris in your pool and can get rid of everything from pollen and leaves to dust and bacteria. While it’s eating up the debris in your pool, it also easily navigates throughout the water because it can even get itself out of sticky situations. In other words, this pool skimmer knows just what to do to pick up the debris off of the surface of the water before it has a chance to fall down any further.

With the Solar Breeze pool cleaner and skimmer, you can filter your water and even send out chlorine evenly throughout the pool, meaning your water will remain sanitized for much longer periods of time. Because it uses the sun to power itself, you can operate it nearly 24 hours a day in many states, and the brushless, very efficient motors allow it to have a lifespan of approximately 30,000 hours. It also has a special tray to keep your chlorine tablets in, and its extra-large collection area means it can remove much more debris than many people realize.


  • Extremely efficient and works practically around the clock
  • Removes debris while distributing chlorine at the same time
  • Works without cords or special parts


  • Some complaints about the internal gears breaking shortly after purchase
  • Some complaints about it not lasting a very long time
  • Some complaints about the tray falling out of the cleaner

If you’re tired of hand skimming to clean your swimming pool and want to know what the solar pool skimmer reviews have to say about these products, you won’t be disappointed with the Skimdevil. This is an eco-friendly unit that works on solar energy alone or through a combination of solar energy and the solar-charged battery that allows it to work after dark. It can be programmed and customized to meet your exact cleaning needs, and it even reduces your electric bill and reduces the amount of chemicals you have to use.

Without using cables or hoses, the pool skimmer cleans the surface of your pool effortlessly and efficiently, and it can easily be operated through a remote-control device or even your smartphone to make it super simple and convenient to use. It can easily eliminate all types of debris, including pollen, leaves, and even insects so that the water in your pool always looks amazing. With its technologically advanced design, this is a sharp-looking skimmer that even works on cloudy days.


  • Extremely efficient pool skimmer
  • Easy to use and works quickly nearly 24 hours a day
  • Lightweight and requires little to no maintenance


  • Some complaints that it stopped charging after a while
  • Some complaints about poor customer service
  • Some complaints about it requiring a lot of time in the sun before it starts to work

This is a high-quality solar-powered ionizer that works much better than many of its competitors. Its underwater ion-disbursing anode releases copper ions that do a great job of killing algae and, therefore, keeping your pool super clean, and it is efficient in pools with up to 35,000 gallons of water. In addition, neither your pool nor the pool liner will be damaged by the product, and it even works on both salt and chlorine pools.

The No More Green Technologies ionizer is easy to use and maintain, and the solar panel is underneath a thick covering so that it lasts for a very long time. It is efficient, simple to use, and it gets rid of up to 85% of chlorine and chemicals. Let’s face it, cleaning your pool can be quite time-consuming and difficult, but this ionizer makes it much simpler because there is very little effort on your part.

With a lifetime replacement warranty, you can feel at ease about purchasing this product and relying on it to do its job. Even better, once the device cleans your pool, you can count on it keeping it clean for many more months. In fact, when you purchase this ionizer you can concentrate on other household tasks because it will easily and quickly take care of the quality of the water in your swimming pool. It is simply a great ionizer that you can depend on when you love having a clean, algae-free pool.


  • Simple to use and very efficient skimmer
  • Sturdy enough to last for a very long time
  • Will never damage pool liners or the pool itself


  • Some complaints about green algae being left behind
  • Some complaints about its overall quality and effectiveness
  • Some complaints about copper stains being left in the pool after use

I consider this one of the best wall-mounted pool skimmers Intex has ever made. This model which has been created explicitly for skimming above-ground pools connects to the Intex pool system. It does a good job of keeping the surface of the pool clean and therefore the bottom requires less vacuuming.

The skimmer has a good filter that can remove and dispose of materials filtered from the surface of the pool, but it requires a strong & energy efficient pool pump rated above 1.5 HP. The best part about this pool skimmer is that it is mounted on the frame of your pool, meaning it can be running while the pool is in use without getting in the way.

The only downside is that this skimmer is specially made for Intex pool owners, you may need to purchase connecting pieces to get it running with other pumps.


  • It comes with a mount for a ring or metal frame pool.
  • Large size skimmer with sturdy construction.
  • Extremely easy to assemble.
  • It does a wonderful job of clearing bugs and debris from the pool surface.


  • Needs a very good pump above 1.5 HP to be efficient.

A No-Nonsense Guide To Your Right-Fit Pool Skimmer

Ease of Use (And Installation)

Installing an automatic pool skimmer is generally pretty straightforward, they just need to be connected to your existing pump and filter setup to begin working.

The installation process is more complicated for fixed skimmers, but most companies that offer these types of skimmers usually provide detailed instructions to follow in so you don’t damage the product or your pool, and they are lots of YouTube videos on these kinds.


Ensure your pool skimmer is very durable and will last long even under heavy use. With proper care and maintenance, a good pool skimmer can last many seasons, especially if you’re able to easily replace the filters since this is usually the first item to go bad.

Mesh Quality

If you’re going with a skimmer that comes with a mesh, you should pick one made from high-quality material that’s strong enough to hold the weight of the debris you’re pulling up from the pool without breaking and at the same time flexible so you can simply flip the skimmer over for the debris to fall out without having to reach into the filter to pull out debris with your hands.


It’s hard to trust any product without a warranty in today’s market. If there’s no guarantee the product you’re getting will be replaced if it develops or comes with a fault, then you need to skip over such products. Only choose a skimmer that’s covered by a long-term warranty so you can return it for a replacement or refund if the product doesn’t work as advertised.


Choose a pool skimmer that’s constructed from high-quality material with some sort of UV-resistant property, so the product doesn’t start fading soon after you start using it.


Ideally, you want to get a pool skimmer that’s easy to clean. Most skimmers installed in in-ground pools have a plastic handle you can pull to get the basket out without touching the water. Above-ground skimmers simply need to be pulled out of the water and dismantled. Both are super-easy to clean, but make sure you inspect the basket for damage before putting everything back together.

If yours is an in-ground pool, avoid the temptation to empty the contents of the basket beside the pool ‘to be handled later’ because some might find their way back into the pool with a little help from the wind. So, be sure to dump the basket contents far away or in a disposable bag, so you don’t have to do it twice!

Watch Pool Skimmers In Action


The pool skimmers should have all the necessary features you need to keep your swimming pool debris free, be affordable, and easy to install. One of such tool worth considering is the SkimDoctor 2.0. It collects all kinds of contaminants such as leaves, bugs, seeds, twigs, and grass on the surface of your pool to make your swimming area sparkling clean and ready to use whenever you feel like taking a dive.

General FAQ's

How Do I Maintain My Pool Skimmer?

The part of your pool skimmer that needs constant attention is collecting or strainer basket, which rests directly below the access hatch. This is where the contaminants are stored and will need to be emptied often depending on the number of contaminants your pool gets, this way, they don’t escape back into your pool. Emptying the basket, replacing the filter, and cleaning your skimmer will go a long way in keeping your pool clean.

What Is a Pool Skimmer Basket and What Does It Do?

A pool skimmer is where debris collected from the surface of your pool. It not only stores the debris until they are emptied, but it also prevents them from flowing into your pool’s pump to cause havoc. You will be surprised by what ends up inside a skimmer basket.

How Do Pool Skimmers work?

A pool skimmer collects contaminants such as hair, body oils, sunscreen, leaves, bugs, and sunscreen from the top 1/3 inch of your pool water. Those that are very efficient at collecting these contaminants use suction power to draw the water in and a fine filter that separates water from contaminants.

Once the contaminants are sucked from the surface of the water, they low into a collection basket, which captures huge pieces of debris such as twigs, thereby decreasing the chances of your pump failing.

How Often Should I Clean My Pool with A Pool Skimmer?

The consensus is to clean your pool at least once a week. Considering the fact that the skimmer basket is collecting lots of debris that fall into your pool. You really don’t want to let them sit in the basket long enough to start decaying, break up, then float back into your pool. If there happen to be trees close to your pool, it’s been windy, you’ve had storms or any other condition that might cause more debris to settle on your pool surface, then you’ll want to check it more often.

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