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Whenever we talk about swimming, our eyes imagine the summer and splashing fun. But what if your fun is extended beyond the summer months, how exciting it is? The best pool water heaters can make it possible though. If you are a pool lover and have a pool of your own, then the pool heaters prove to be the best and are efficient enough to do their job. ‘Pool time’ is a great way to spend time with your family along with some aerobic exercise while keeping you stress-free.

Many pool heaters such as solar, gas or electric are available in the market these days. This article of mine reflects on the types of pool heaters along with their benefits so that you can choose best pool heaters for in and above ground pools accordingly.

1. Solar-Powered Pool Heater

The best Solar powered pool heater is a good idea to go for. They not only warm your pool but also save a lot of money. A solar-powered pool heater harnesses the heat of the sun for heating purposes. They are easy to install and involve very low operating costs. They have a longer-lasting life than the traditional electric or gas pool heaters. Usually, the solar energy collectors are mounted on the roof, with solar photovoltaic panels and a check valve, flow water valve, and a sensor are also required to monitor the pool temperature. The weather conditions have to be suitable, otherwise, a solar water heater for pool is not of much use. The solar power heaters are more cost-effective and safe to use as compared to the gas or electric pool heaters.

Using a solar-powered heater comes with additional benefits. These are eco-friendly applications, which are very, are an example of renewable energy, as uses solar power. With this, the heat is easily transferred from the sun to your pool, and a reduction of fossil fuels also takes place. This pool heater certainly gives high returns on what you invest.

solar pool heaters for inground pools reviews

best solar heater for above ground pool

GAME 4714 Solar PRO Contour Solar Pool Heater

A wonderful solar power heater from the game, that has the ability to create a “Green House” effect. This contour dome solar pool heater helps in collecting the maximum heat, which increases the pool temperature for about 5 degrees Fahrenheit in a week. One of the most efficient pool heaters available in the market these days. This one is also the least flow restrictive pool heater which maintains the functionality of the pool perfect during winter months. It requires no electric or gas connections.

This one easily heats up a pool capacity of 10000 gallons, equipped with a pump of 1.5 HP, is injection molded and also possesses foldable legs. Any kind of bypass is not required for pumps. This one has adapters for Intex and includes best way pools also. You can just extend your pool season by buying this one. The company comes with a masterpiece which is engineered with perfection. This pool heater is large in size.



One of the most efficient and the largest pool heaters

This clear dome creates a greenhouse effect and providing with all the comfort in winters as well

This one is injection molded and has foldable legs

This one comes with adapters suitable for Intex and best way pools

Heats up a pool of a capacity of 10000 gallons with ease

There is no requirement of a bypass for pumps (up to 1.5 HP)


This one is of low quality at this price

2. Electric Pool Heater Reviews

The other name for best electric pool heaters is a heat pump. They are one of the most common pool heaters which are used to keep the pool warm in winter. As the name says they require electricity for generating and moving heat from one place to another, as they can’t do it on their own. This one has a pool pump that enables the pool water to circulate. The pool water which is drawn by it passes through a filter and the pump heater. They have low annual operating costs as they possess high efficiency. They are more efficient while the temperature ranges are between 45 degrees F- 50 degrees F. They have more life expectancy than gas pool heaters.

electric above ground pool heater reviews

They are the best ones to use when quick heating is required. Though the electric pool heaters cost more than gas pool heaters, their annual operating costs are not so high. They have more life expectancy than gas pool heaters. This entirely depends on your needs while you choose one. A number of electric pool heater applications are available in the market.

The electric pool heaters are beneficial to use when you stay in a colder region. They are best known for their efficiency, to heat up the pool quickly. They are more energy-efficient as they only transfer heat, and don’t produce it. They also have low annual costs and support quiet operation and can be installed indoors or outdoors.

electric in ground pool heater

Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium 140,000 BTU Heat Pump

Here is an amazing Hayward HP21404T which works with an unmatchable performance in the most adverse conditions. This one is true to its quality and unrivaled performance. This one is built with uniqueness and extraordinary features. The Hayward is a heavy-duty heat pump that is durable as is made with stainless steel hardware. This one boasts of scroll competitors which are super-quiet and a UV resistant body (double injected and molded) panels which are impermeable to any kind of deterioration and rust. The screen is made of polyethylene and serves as a protection for the evaporator coil from damage.

This has an acoustic compressor cover with a profiled fan blade which makes quiet operation possible. The Hayward is light in weight, is compactly inbuilt, and comes with easy installation. They can easily be used with the new pools or the existing ones. This one comes with a round design, that can easily be fitted through the gates. The Titanium heat exchanger helps in maximum heat transfer, is efficient and reliable to use. The evaporator fin is extra resistant towards any sort of rust.



This one is heavy-duty, has scroll compressors which help in operating quietly

The hardware is of stainless steel which adds to its durability

This one helps in heating the pool very quickly (2-4 hours)

Comes at an affordable price

A good option for coastal environments

This one comes with an unrivaled performance


It is a bit heavy in size

3. Gas Pool Heaters

The best gas pool heaters are one of the most commonly preferred pool heaters. The pool heaters of today’s times are manufactured with excellence. The gas pool heater models available are energy and cost-efficient. Propane or natural gas is used by the gas pool heaters for heating the pools. The pool pump helps in circulating the pool water, paving it sway to the filter and then to the heater. In the combustion chamber of the heater, the gas burns which to heat generation which is again transferred to the pool water. They are best suited for heating pools for shorter time periods.

propane pool heater reviews

The gas pool heaters are energy-efficient pool heaters and work marvelously for heating swimming pools at a low operational cost. Gas pool heaters work at their best when pools have to be heated for short periods and quick heating. The gas pool heaters can maintain the heat levels of the pool irrespective of weather or climate, which heat pumps or solar pool heaters can’t.

The gas pool heaters come with a lot of benefits, due to their high BTU ratings. They can raise the pool temperature rapidly than the other ones. They serve good in colder climates, as they can heat up the pool in no time. They have the efficiency to work in any type of weather condition.

best pool heaters for inground pools reviews

Hayward H150FDN Universal H-Series 150,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater

The Hayward H150FDN is elegantly designed and a pool and spa heater which is easy and versatile to use and also ideal for saltwater pool. This one is manufactured with the latest technology, looks a bit like a printer or a photocopier. This comes with a universal fit flexibility feature, which is easily compatible with your new or existing pool or spa. This features a standard Cupro nickel heat exchanger and has a patented polymer header and a bypass valve design which gives it hydraulic efficiency.

The Hayward H150FDN is environmentally friendly with NOx emissions which helps in increasing the air quality.

This one features a digital LED control panel, has a leading hydraulic performance which helps in reducing circulation time. This one also features 2 x 2.5-inch CPVC plumbing connections. It can be used for residential and natural gas only. It benefits with 18% savings, as is capable of reducing the pump run-time. This one meets the air quality standards. This pool heater is a perfect choice. The Hayward is powered with 150,000 BTU, is easy to set up and is extremely fast in operation. It can be used to heat medium, large-sized above or inground pools.



This one comes with fast operation quality

Eco-friendly which emits low NOx

Can be used with ease for residential and natural gas

Capable of providing 18% savings

The bypass valve design gives it hydraulic efficiency

This features a digital LED control panel

Has a standard Cupro nickel heat exchanger


A little bit noisy

Solar Pool HeaterGas Pool HeaterElectric Pool Heater
These harness the sun’s energy to heat the pool. These are more suitable for warmer places.Propane or natural gas is used to heat the pool by gas pool heaters. They work well in a cold climate.These pool heaters work on electricity, which helps in heating the pool. Suitable for colder regions.
They are weather dependent. If the sun doesn’t show their functionality is hampered.Different weather conditions don’t affect their performance. They are least affected by the weather.Even the harshest or extreme weather conditions don’t affect them.
Their life span is 15 to 20 years.They come with a shorter life span of 5 years.They come with a maximum life span of 15 to 20 years, more than gas pool heaters.
The expenditure comes around 25 dollars to 80 dollars in the monthly electric bill.They add around 300 dollars to 500 dollars in the monthly electricity bill.Monthly bills go roughly from 50 dollars to 150 dollars.
They cannot be used at night and are slower in heating the pools.They can be used at any time or month of the year, and consume less time for pool heating.They can be used at any time, and need proper air temperature to operate.
They don’t require much maintenance costs.These are expensive to maintain.They come with high price tag and maintenance costs.
They have the ability to provide a greenhouse effect.They just keep the pool heated up.They help with heating the pool.
Solar power heaters are the safest one to use.They might be risky in case of any gas leakages.Any short circuit might cause damages.

All three types of pool heaters have their advantages and disadvantages. The one which fits into your needs should be chosen.

Who Needs A Pool Heater?

Any pool heater is required when the water temperature of a pool is not desirable or fit for use. The places which are cold or the places with climatic conditions that are not suitable for pools need pool heaters. The pool owners, be the residential or commercial ones, at some point in time require pool heaters.

To extend the swimming fun, these pool heaters work the best making you feel comfortable and relaxed. These pool heaters work with great efficiency, versatility, and reliability to keep the pool temperatures maintained as per requirement. The best thing is that the pools can be used in the day or even in the night for swimming. The variety of pool heaters is available, making it affordable and easy for you to buy one. They also come with air-source pumps that can do both, heating and cooling if required. A person or a pool owner who just loves to swim irrespective of any weather conditions is certainly benefited by these amazing pool heaters. Just make your pool time awesome and exciting without worrying about the weather. After considering the various parameters the right pool type should be chosen.

Choosing The Best One

Buying a pool heater might be quite tricky, as so many types and variants are there, and confusion might prevail. Just think, your small pool heater and the pool is large, then that heater will surely be a waste. Henceforth, before buying a pool heater consider few points in order to choose the appropriate one. A few points should be adhered to:

The Size Of The Pool Heater

Before buying a pool heater, you should know the water capacity of your pool in gallons. After knowing the exact surface area of the pool then the purchase becomes easy. The heater comes with the power which is measured in BTUs (British thermal units). The size and the power of the pool heater should match with each other for the best performance.

The Power Of The Pool Heater

Everyone wants to save on electricity bills along with having a high-power electric heater. So solar pool heaters are suitable ones if you want to cut down your electricity bills. But in case you are going for speed then gas or electric pool heaters are a good choice.

The Shape Of The Pool

Along with the size of the pool the shape is also to be considered. The pools which are large and possess a complex shape need more powerful heaters. If the heater is not powerful then it might lead to low performance, giving you less heat.

The Budget

Firstly, you have to spend an amount to buy a pool heater and the maintenance and monthly bills follow. Gas heaters come with a price tag of 1000 dollars and solar pool heaters come around 3000 dollars. Gas heaters are one of the cheapest to go for.

The monthly e-bills associated with every pool heater is mentioned in the article above (refer differences of solar, gas and electric pool heaters). So, choose one which suits your pocket.

The Pool Type (Above Ground or In-Ground Pools)

Different pool heaters work in a different manner for above ground or in-ground pools. For example, solar heaters don’t work well for an in-ground pool and an electric pool heater may be a waste for an above ground pool of small size. It is always advisable to go for a pool heater that suits your pool type so that your investment shouldn’t go waste.

After going through all the above points, you can easily choose the right type of above ground pool warmer which suffices your requirement.

Which Pool Heater Suits Your Needs?

It all depends on the type of pool you have, it’s size, shape, capacity, etc. The requirement of large and small pools, above ground and in-ground pools is different. The pool heater should match the pool requirements, otherwise, it will be a total waste of money. The climatic conditions of a place are also responsible for the pool heater selection. Colder places with less sunny days, can’t be heated properly with a solar pool heater, so a gas or electric pool heater is preferred here. The pool water capacity also helps you determine, which pool heater will work best for you.

What Is The Life Of A Pool Heater?

If we talk on an average then a pool heater might last for 15 years or so. It entirely depends on the water and its chemistry with the pool heater. The quality of the pool heater, how well is it maintained, is also correlated with each other. A well-maintained pool heater certainly has a longer life span. Gas pool heaters come with a shorter life than the electric pool heaters. A clean pool with normal weather conditions will let the pool heater last for a longer time as compared to an unclean one with harsh weather conditions. One should go for a pool heater that possesses impressive features to suit your needs, and that will add life to your pool heater.


As you can see, there are numerous options and just as many considerations when choosing one over the other when it comes to trolling motors. While we never said this was a comprehensive manual for motor shopping trolling, we hope it will provide the information needed for an educated shopping experience.