8 Best Pool Floats for Heavy Adults 2020

It was more common for the kids to float in water on pool floats, but the amazing pool floaties for adults have also made their place in the market. So attractive and impressive features that just take you away, a great recline and lots more. You can just be in the pool exercise, socialise or dream while hanging on your favorite pool float.

Pool floats are a good way for water lovers to have immense fun outdoors. Now you can swim with style and relax and recline in your desired postures.

This article shows many types of pool floats for adults with their varied features.

Funny Pool Floats for Adults – Comparison Chart

  • Swan Pool Float
  • Product Dimensions : 71 x 40 x 71 Inches
  • Item Weight: 5 Pounds
  • Handle Weight : Upto 320 lbs
  • Product Dimensions : 59 x 59 x 4 Inches
  • Item Weight : 1.5 Pounds
  • Handle Weight : Upto 320 lbs
  • FLAMINGO Pool Float
  • Product Dimensions : 71 x 40 x 71 Inches
  • Item Weight : 5.2 Pounds
  • Handle Weight : Upto 320 lbs
  • Kelsyus Floating Water Hammock
  • Product Dimensions : 1.3 x 19 x 19 Inches
  • Item Weight : 2.6 Pounds
  • Handle Weight : Upto 250 lbs
  • The Original Giant Swan Ride-On Float
  • Product Dimensions : 75 x 48 x 12 Inches
  • Item Weight : 7 pounds
  • Handle Weight : Upto 320 lbs

TOP 8 Cool Pool Floats for Adults - Detailed Reviews

fun pool floats for adults

The Aqua Deluxe Monterey Hammock is specially designed inflatable pool floats for adults. This one is versatile and made with premium Aqua Lux fabric that is stain and fading resistant. This inflatable hammock measures 50” x 28” and has a 4 in 1 feature.

This multi-purpose pool float can be converted to a lounge chair, drifter, exercise saddle or a hammock. This one boasts of luxury and comfort. It can help you in relaxing, exercising and even socialising in the pool.

This pool float is quite comfy, made of cool weave fabric and you can just relax in the pool in your wishful position.The Aqua deluxe is washable can be cleaned easily for longer life benefits, provided the air pillows should be removed.

The best thing about pool inflatables for adults is that they can be easily carried and can be inflated or deflated according to your ease and convenience. The duo-lock facility makes the movability ultimate while travelling. You can easily get on and off it when in water. People of 15 years and plus can use it for relaxing or fun and the weight capacity is 250 lbs.


  • A versatile Monterey Hammock that provides 4 positions

  • You can just relax, recline and dream while in pool

  • A great pool float that converts to chair, drifter, exercise saddle or a hammock

  • Comes with easy portability feature

  • The cool weave fabric is a durable one


  • Might get ripped

  • More comfortable for people of small height

  • Not a lifelong slide

pool floats for 400 pounds

Have an awesome life outside your home, in the pool with the Kelsyus chaise. This one is a uniquely designed floating lounger and is covered with fabric to give enough relaxation in a pool or lake. This one features a comfortable mesh seat, ottoman, backrest and a cup holder for your convenience. The outside edges of the lounger have patented springs that make you experience great stability along with comfort while floating.

Patented inner spring around the outside edge ensures greater comfort and stability while floating. The dock, boat or any other float products are properly hitched up by side clips. This is a compact chaise lounge that can be easily folded, stored or carried. You cab fold this pool float into three compact circles to carry it on vacations. This one features size dimensions of 69” L x 35” W x 5.5” H when is inflated full. It can The easy storage feature helps a lot in economizing space. This is equipped with jet valves that can make inflating and deflating extremely easy, omitting the need of an air pump. This one features measurements of 58 in x 36 in x 16 in approximately, when fully inflated. The weight holding capacity is 250 pounds.


  • This is a colorful fabric covered chaise lounger

  • The seat is comfortable and made of mesh

  • A stable and comfortable lounger as has patented inner spring

  • Compact, portable and comes with easy storage feature

  • Side clips allow tethering of float products

  • Can be inflated or deflated with ease

  • This can handle a weight of 250 pounds


  • Can disintegrate after one season

heavy duty pool floats

The Floating Recliner Inflatable lounge chair is just like a magnification of a normal chair that can make you sit comfortably. It provides you with great relaxation while being on water. The floating recliner is uniquely designed and possesses backrest and armrest. If you buy this you can get ultimate relaxation in the pool with added comfort. This heavy duty pool floats is equipped with 2 air chambers, 2 cup holders and handles that are heavy duty. This is manufactured with 18-gauge vinyl and comes in easy packaging. Also has a repair patch in case of any damage.

This inflatable lounger measures 5.5 x 12 x 10.5 inches and has a weight of 7.8 pounds. this is manufactured with premium quality and durable material. This provides ample space for an adult to recline and relax, and a good option to go for. weight capacity of about 250 lbs can be handled by this pool float. This is designed for providing perfect balance and the handles can be used heavily. This is again a portable, easy to store floating recliner. This durable pool float can handle heavy duty usage. This has an expected life of two years or more.


  • This one comes in premium quality fabric

  • Unique design with armrest and backrest to provide you ultimate relaxation

  • Made with 18-gauge vinyl, has a repair patch too

  • Can handle heavy duty usage

  • A durable, portable and perfectly balanced recliner

  • A well built with an expected life of 2 years


  • Might get a hole in the seam

swimming pool floats for adults

Just get rock yourself this summer with this amazing floating hammock by Kelsyus. This one is a perfect choice to float in a pool or lake as is designed to give you absolute relaxation. This is a multi-purpose floating hammock. The construction is with a quality fabric and the mesh bed enables for body suspension for the awesome experience while on water. Any float products, dock, boat etc. can be tethered with side clips easily. This is again a durable and stable float as the outside edge possesses a patented inner spring. This one owns carry bags, and can be folded easily, stored and transported wherever you travel with convenience.

Easily handle a weight of 250 lbs approximately. The ultimate comfort provider can make your week ends more entertaining at your home or while you travel. This float-a-round provides you endless fun while you are set to go for adventures. The quality build jet valves enable easy and rapid inflation or deflation of the pool float as per your requirement.


  • A multi-use pool floating hammock

  • This one is durable, portable, and provides you with ultimate comfort while on water

  • One of the best to travel with

  • The mesh bed provides easy body suspension

  • Features a jet valve for easy inflation and deflation

  • Is equipped with side clips and a carry bag


  • The seam might tear after a few uses

giant floaties for adults

The Giant Inflatable Swan Pool Float is a quality product By Swimline and is trusted since years. This original make pool float is a great for adults to use and is quite large in size. This one is 75 inch in size and 66 inch in diameter. Two adults can easily fit on this, and is suitable for play or lounging. Along with fun ride it provides, looks beautiful in the pool. This decorative pool float is perfect for relaxation too. The Swan pool float is uniquely designed and the tail feathers along with wings work as a headrest. This can easily handle a weight capacity of 280 lbs and even 315 lbs if two people use. Immense fun to ride on this out of the crowd pool float.

The sight of this only gives so peaceful looks. This one is durable and constructed with vinyl fabric. This one is sturdy and doesn’t flip despite of rigorous jumps and stands straight. It owns weight of 6 pounds, and is reliable and comfortable to ride. This branded product can easily last up to 2 years as is built with quality. The Swan pool float is very popular world over and is great if this is what you choose to spend time with your partner.


  • A very durable pool float by Swimline and is made of quality vinyl

  • Can accommodate 2 adults as is huge in size

  • A very reliable and a comfortable one to buy

  • Robust build, doesn’t slip and can withstand severe jumps

  • A quality product and can last up to 2 years


  • The seam might tear

big pool floats for adults

The Go Floats is a large surfaced pool float that provides you with endless splashing fun and a perfect choice when you party. This unicorn pool float carries so much awesomeness, adds so much life to your pool. This is a mesmerizing and a magical pool float that can easily accommodate two people at a time as measures 45 inches in width and is 3 ft tall. This one is perfect for swimmers of all sizes. This is constructed with durable vinyl material and prevents harm from UV rays and is 25 percent thicker than the others.

So, you can just enjoy your day in a pool, beach, river or beach with this luxurious matte finished pool float. This party tube features valves that allow ten times faster inflation and deflation. The traditional valves are slower as compared to these modern built ones. This is a product from the US and has a copyright, and the customer support is always welcome by the company in case of any queries. A perfectly balanced unicorn float that doesn’t flip, and a heavy-duty float. One of the most durable as can go for 5 years or more.


  • This one features a large surface area

  • A party tube that is built with decorative and material quality

  • A heavy-duty float that can withstand fun

  • Has an expected life of 5 years

  • A very rigid pool float of about 400 pounds

  • Made of a durable and comfortable vinyl fabric


  • A big no for smaller kids as no center

swim floaties with canopy for adults

The Intex pool floats with canopy for adults is a perfect combination of luxury and fun in pool. Relaxing, laying, dreaming or socialising with friends, this is a great inflatable pool lounge for adults. The detachable sunshade (fabric) makes it more unique and protects you from direct sun rays. You can make your summer days super comfortable pool lounge. This feature additional two air chambers that provide safety and has in-built cup holders for holding beverages. Also has a repair patch included, and comes with easy assembly and the dome canopy is made of mesh with an air flow backing. The backrest is comfortable, that can just let you savour your experience.

The canopy island comes in a size of 781/2” x 59” when deflated, but is recommended to keep inflated for initial stretching period. This is shaped in the form of a circle with a weight holding capacity of 320 lbs and can accommodate 2 adults at a time. A quality product that is ideal for heavy use and doesn’t flip either. The sunshade gives it a unique look. A product that is safe, durable and is made in China. Brings you so much aquatic fun with a convenient grab line.


  • Manufactured with quality fabric

  • A durable and safe pool float

  • The detachable sunshade make it look more unique and different

  • Can accommodate 2 adults at a time

  • Is strong enough for heavy use, is fun to use as doesn’t flip

  • Provides protection from harmful sun rays


  • Doesn’t keep up the air

pool floats for overweight adults

The Game 5000-BB pool raft is an exceptional pool float, provides you with immense fun at the pool, river, beach. This iconic giant derby duck comes with extraordinary impressive features. This is designed uniquely as is huge in size and is manufactured with high-quality materials. The material used is vinyl (0.3 mm) that provides durability and longevity to this derby duck. It boasts of its weight capacity of 300 pounds, that can handle many kids and adults. The inflation and deflation are made easy with multiple quick valves. This comes with easy storage facility as can be folded and stored conveniently.

While being on water and sipping your favorite beverage gives you a great refreshing feel, features built-in cup holders that can be used while having floating party. Climbing this giant derby duck is so simple as it is assisted with 5 handles that are infused on sides. This feature also facilitates tying on the sides and make the connection with other floats easy, can also be tied to a dock. This is robust and doesn’t flip. This is proudly made by Great American Merchandise Industries (GAME), a company which works for charity also.


  • This is a stylish and functional duck

  • Can have endless splish-splash fun

  • This can handle many adults and kids

  • Features multiple quick valves

  • This is equipped 5 handles that makes climbing easy

  • A comfortable and stylish pool float

  • Made of durable vinyl material and has built-in cup holders


  • Not so good quality

  • Takes time to inflate

Before Buying Your Favorite One – Consider These Factors

Though it seems quite easy when you have to buy a pool float, but still there are some underlying factors that should be thought of before doing your purchase. I have tried to jot some of them with my experience.

The Air chambers (multiple)

The air chambers facilitate in inflating the pool floats. Just imagine if only one chamber is there and it deflates due to any of the reasons, then it might be risky and you might fall in water. For safety purposes also multiple chambers provide you with great ease and comfort. You can easily rely on one chamber in case the other deflates. This way you can easily keep yourself afloat till you reach the shore. The separate inflated compartments of a pool float give you more safety, though it might consume a little more time of yours while inflating them.

Built-in Cup Holders

This is luxury and convenience both, as you can keep tour favorite beverage just next to you. Just a way of getting relaxed and refreshed at the same time.


Summer brings fun and holidays too, and this way you can spend wonderful time with your loved ones. While being on the beach, or travelling, a light weighted pool float gives you more ease to move comfortably. A portable pool float is the one that is handy, light and easy to carry, so whenever you think of buying one just consider the portability feature. The larger floats might require an electric pump or a car pump than the smaller ones that can be inflated with mouth or a hand pump. This is entirely at your discretion which one you want and for what purpose.

The Support

Whether adults use it or the kids, the pool float should be able to provide your body with enough relaxation and support as you are going to lie or recline on it. The pool float should be sturdy enough and the additional pillows enable to make you relax more.

The Materials

All of us are aware and clearly know that a pool float of premium quality material will definitely stay for long. Rugged nylon fabrics and vinyl material make the pool floats more durable and add life to them. they are far better that the plastic constructed kids pool floats. This is all the way better if you have a patch repair kit with your pool float, that makes you free to fix up small punctures on your own.


A good water float has to offer so many benefits that you can possibly notice. You may not realize what benefits a good float has, until you have experienced the bad ones. Pool float may be an ordinary thing, and you are rather happy to compromise with a bad one than to buy a new one. But surely there are so many reasons you should do it right away.

  • Comfort: A good pool has a backrest, armrest, good space, footrest, and mesh bed to make your day comfortable. This is the primary benefit of having the coolest floaties for rafts. What the point in stepping in the pool if you don’t feel refreshed up.

  • Stress-free: It makes you relaxed and peaceful, all you have to do is place your drink on cup holders and lie down under the sunshade.

  • Durability: Due to the excellent material used, it is durable, reliable and credible.

  • Fun: Having a pool float is fun, you can use it for parties and call friends for having fun with them. Ideal water floats for adults are the best fun floaties for adults.


Much is discussed in the article of today about the stylish, durable and relaxing adult pool floats. These certainly add charm to your summer fun. Beach or pool, sunny noon, pool floats, a refreshing drink, what else on the earth you need!

These are real stress busters, and gives you so much space to enjoy, relax, dream or be with your friends. Ample of options are available, so you can choose the best pool float that suffices your needs. Don’t forget to consider the buying tips mentioned in the article above.

Live and enliven your summer in a super special way!