Top 5 Best Inground Pool Covers Reviews 2020 Updated

Swimming pool covers are known to be the best companion to your pool that will give you a safety assurance for your family and friends.

Swimming pools are considered as the most used in recreational activities and sports, in return, it would really require a series of maintenance. Swimming pool covers are the most ideal tool for a safety protection of your pool. These swimming pool covers are utilized for the purpose of keeping it away from unwanted materials such as, debris, dirt, and dusts when it is not in use. If these pools are not managed well, this could lead to loss and damages.

Benefits Of Having Winter Pool Cover

These covers are the best above ground winter pool cover you can walk on. It will not only restraints dusts and dirt away from the pool but will also preserve falling leaves, as well as harmful chemical solutions at the same time. Sometimes, there are instances that hazardous materials like pins and twigs can get in the pool, so keeping them covered when not in use is really of great help. In tropical countries, evaporation of chemical and water substances in the pool might lead to large damage. With the help of swimming pool covers, it will halt the possibilities of evaporation.

In contrast, in cold countries, hot water systems are ultimately needed in pools but installing it, will lead to too much hassle. However, there are particular varieties of swimming pool covers that are manufactured to accommodate the purpose of each pool, but it will be more expensive than the normal ones.


16 foot pool covers

A swimming pool cover can be in any useful forms as listed below:

  • They maintain the warmth of the pool temperature that will make you extend your stay in the swimming pool.

  • They reduce the amount of chemical solutions you use in pool while applying your annual water pool treatment.

  • They maintain your water clean by keeping away twigs, dirt, leaves including debris.

  • They aid in blocking the possibilities of accidents and unwanted instances.

  • They guarantee safety to your pool during the season of winter from unpleasant materials.

Therefore, it will serve as a shield to prevent the possible accidents in the pool. If swimming pool covers are being utilized by the pool owners, it will not just maintain the warmth of the pool but, it also indicates that pool is not available for use. There are some diverse types and varieties of these swimming pool covers which will be made use according to its purpose.


above ground pool covers you can walk on

In purchasing swimming pool covers, you have to consider factors such as durability and affordability before settling in a particular item. In this way, you w ill be able to achieve your desired product as listed below:

Solar Pool Covers: It utilizes the solar energy for keeping the pool warm.

Safety Pool Covers: This type of pool covers are divided into two types, Mesh and Solid. They are made for safety purpose, provided with straps around to stretch and ties in both sides.

Winter Pool Covers: For the In-ground and above ground pool, you can cover it for throughout the winter season and shield it from dirt, algae growth, and debris.

Mesh winter pool covers: (for In-ground and above ground) this cover contains lace coating for binding together the mesh.

Pool Leaf Nets: This will serve as a trap for falling leaves, to keep them away from the pool.

Regardless of the features you want on your swimming pool covers, always remember to use it to keep your family safe around the pool.

Heavy Duty In & Above Ground Pool Covers

InGround Pool covers are now the latest talk about things of the people who possess in ground pools at their residence. It is wonderful to possess an in ground pool because it adds up the beauty and the luxurious feeling of a person. But, having an in ground pool for swimming is not just about beauty and luxury; hence, it is also about responsibility in cleaning and safety measures.

Luckily, Inground Pool covers are here to save you! You can now purely enjoy your swimming pool moments and be entertained as long as you want without the worry of cleaning and the dangers of harmful element such as twigs, leaves dust, etc.


If you are not sure what are inground pool covers, then this part of the article will tell you what Inground pool covers are.Inground Pool covers is a kind of pool cover specially constructed for the purpose of covering and protecting hard pool covers for inground pools from undesirable materials that are carried by the wind these includes, debris, twigs, leaves, dusts and other objects that can be accumulated in the uncovered swimming pool. Inground pool covers comes in two types, the automatic and manual cover.


Inground pool covers come with a variety of types, these include safety pool covers, winter pool covers, mesh pool covers, pool leaf nets & solar covers for inground pools. There are a lot of factors that must be taken consider in choosing inground pool covers, and these factors will surely help you decide what pool cover to select.


This kind of inground pool covers is very easy and simple to install you can do it by yourself without the help of a professional. This is very economical because the price fits completely for its features. Before buying you must first measure your pool so that, you won’t be having complications at the store.


These inground pool covers are made up of carefully selected materials, like polyethylene for the purpose of a long lasting usage. Its boarders are finely double-stitched and looped to resist the windiest and harshest weather. Some of these covers are made of aluminum grommets, this kind of material defy the tearing of the said cover.


The color of these inground pool cover features an attractive navy blue, and royal blue and other lively blue colors while, in the underside of the cover the color is black, and this is functional because it prevent the algae growth. The possession of this covers are now a big thing for swimming pool owners, not only because it is good to the eye but, because it implies you care for the cleanliness of your pool.

swimming pools covers above ground


As these inground pool covers, protect the pool from unwanted materials therefore; it promotes safety measures. The wind carries a lot of materials that can be accumulated by your pool, these things can be harmful and may be cause of an accident thus; inhibiting them is an excellent idea.

Choosing to use inground pool covers is a wise thing to do, to preserve your pool from the unwanted, harsh effects of weather. In addition, you will surely save energy and water consumption and especially reduce the exertion of effort in cleaning your pool. Don’t forget to ask these factors in the sales agent so that you will maximize the use of inground pool covers.

Heavy Duty Winter Pool Cover Reviews

A Solar Pool Cover is a kind of swimming pool cover that is least expensive. A solar covers for inground pools simulates a giant coating of bubble blanket. The bubbles block heat from the sun and emit the heat to the pool, maintaining the water’s temperature clement and attracting.

The solar pool cover also assists to trap the heat to the water and avoids its escape into the cool night hour air. A solar pool cover sails freely on top of a swimming pool without any anchors or ties to hold them in an area. And removing a solar pool cover is effortless, just take it off and keep it. This chore can be a bit hasty, imagine bending a huge wet blanket by you, but assigning a helper for the aid of a solar pool cover dangle makes the chore much easier. A good solar pool cover can generally be folded and stored or turned-up on a huge cover reel and transfer to its warehouse.


When, you are in a cold area and see the place a pool without heater. A solar pool cover are used to keep your pool warm throughout your swimming periods. The solar pool cover is economically safe because it helps block chemicals that contaminate your pool from sun rays. As a matter of fact, a solar pool cover won’t hurt you in your hip pocket.


Many folks assume the only function of a solar pool cover is to warm your pool. As a matter of fact, a solar pool cover does a lot more than just heat up your pool. They keep it warm by trapping heat of the sun in the swimming pool; that’s only one of its benefits. solar pool cover can also help save money on chemicals and waters.

According to the Department of Energy in the US, a solar pool cover can also sustain water in minimizing water loss by 30 percent – 50 percent through evaporation; minimize the pool’s chemical usage by 35 percent – 60 percent; minimize cleaning hours by keeping impurities and other waste out of the pool; manages to increase pool’s temperature by 10 up to 15 degrees. The Department of Energy estimates a solar pool cover will manage for itself in about one year in saving energy, not to tackle the benefits of the ability to swim longer in warm water.

A solar pool cover is most beneficial in climates where the air is dehydrated and cooler because that’s where heat and water debt due to evaporation. But no matter where you are, a solar pool blanket is a good purchase and will save you money while letting you swim longer in warmer water. A solar pool cover is convenient and affordable because of its benefits and effects.

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rectangular above ground pool covers

Best Inground Pool Covers For Winter

Worried again on your swimming pool for the coming winter months? Well, let’s make your worries worry no more. The winter pool covers inground that best fit your swimming pool during the season. Your swimming pool will not now need to endure the indestructible elements of winter by the use of winter pool covers inground.

If you are living in a freezing temperature, and a house having a swimming pool it is important for you to have a winter pool covers. These strongest above ground pool covers are designed to use during the season of winter. Winter pool covers inground are the solution to your seasonal problem.

It is a critical step to use winter covers in your swimming pool to clean it neatly. This winter cover is applicable if you are experiencing snowfall during the winter season. These winter pool covers inground are strong and made to last and will prevent the debris like twigs and leaves and other things that hinder from accessing the swimming pool water. Once you open your pool in it will appear clear and crystal. These products have been tested and proven.


Inground leaf net is also made stronger, it is durable, for it is made from tightly woven material, which last a long time. In using the leaf net just simply lay it on the top of the winter pool covers inground during the snowfall. So now, there were no leaves that will rot and will trap at the same time there were no smelly leaves on your swimming pool. If your house is surrounded with tress, along the swimming pool leaf net is the best for you to use.


The best thing about this mesh cover is that it is made finely from knit scrim and hard materials to filter, and allowing only water and melting snow to pass to the pool and eradicate the unwanted things. When there is so much rain your mesh cover could probably rise and submerge, and it is time for you to open the pool. There is a little need for you to use the cover pumps get the dirty water.


Cover pumps are designed specifically to strain off water that is gathered during the winter by your winter cover. It will make your cleansing fast and easy. Cover pumps also help to avoid mosquitoes from breeding in the spring.


Do you all have your winter pool covers inground? Now you must need accessories for it. These accessories include the holders for your winter pool covers inground. Always remember that you need accessories to handle it with care and not damage them.


best pool covers for above ground pools

  • Eradicate all leaves, twigs and debris from your pool.

  • Water will drain easily.

  • Fast and easy maintenance.

  • Easy installation.

  • Will last up to years since materials are strongly made.

  • Safe to use materials.

  • Low investment (no need for you to pay for manpower).

There is no reason for you not to use winter pool covers inground. Hurry and be the one who can benefit the winter pool covers inground. Worry free for the coming and after winter months. The materials are safe to use, and a lifetime use of winter pool covers inground for it is strongly made. Choose and try winter pool covers inground. Have a happy swimming in your pool and enjoy winter.

Best Above Ground Pool Winter Covers

Mesh above ground pool covers are very popular covers. Mesh covers are made from black or green mesh. They are secured to the pool through water bags or other weights. These covers are located at the end of swimming pool. They are removed when swimming session starts again.

Purposes: Mesh covers can keep the leaves and other fragments out of your pool. At the same time, it also allows the rain and melted snow to drain below the pool.


Solid covers are kept on the pool through water bags, wrap, or clips. The user must keep the cover on regardless of bad weather conditions or high winds. Solid covers are made from single either multiple layers of vinyl. These covers have a long life expectancy.

Purposes: Solid above ground pool covers prevent twigs, leaves, and other fragments from getting inside your pool water. They also block the sunlight, and help prevent the growth of algae. Lastly, solid covers also prevent the evaporation and deterioration of pool chemicals.


The Above Ground solar covers are considered similar to a “bubble wrap” for your pool. The solar covers are made of two layers of vinyl separated by air pockets. As with its name, above ground solar cover is not suitable to be a winter cover for your pool.

Purposes: above ground pool covers are usually used during fall and early spring. The solar cover may raise the water temperature for a few degrees during daylight. But the cover’s benefit is more favorable during night time. The air layer acts as insulation, keeping with the heat that was generated at day time.


When you have your own above ground pool, having above ground Swimming pool covers is a must. The pool cover provides safety to your children and pets. Also, protection from contaminations of different substances and debris that attracts to your above ground pool.

Winter pool covers are one of the most important types of above ground pool covers. These covers are thicker than those covers that are used during warmer months. Winter above ground pool covers are made from thick vinyl either solid plastic. These covers prevent the pool’s water from dirt, mud, leaves and other environmental fragments.

Throughout the warmer months, above ground pool covers must be lighter. You can choose mesh or net cover or else, solar covers to keep the temperature of water. These covers allow you to save money in terms of heating costs, cleaning and maintenance costs, too.

Take note that you should not settle for having a simple above ground pool cover only. Remember that your pool serves as your leisure spot whenever you spend time outside the house with your family. You must provide safety as well as awareness from any unclean substances that will fall into the pool.

Your above ground pool must be covered even you are not using the water. Above ground pool covers allow you to save money from any kind of maintenance. Maybe sometimes it can be quite tiring to cover your pool every day, but you know in yourself that their job contributes a whole lot of benefits.

Best Automatic Pool Covers

Are You Looking For The best automatic pool covers you can walk on Ever? Swimming pool covers are offered in many designs and sizes and can even be customized if you’ve got a swimming pool with an odd shape. There’s a variety of brand on the market today. They will usually roll up on a reel and be fast to tracks which run along the sides of your swimming pool. They are often turned on and off using a key to ensuring safety.

hard pool covers for above ground pools

Even though Best automatic pool covers typically are more expensive than conventional covers, they should offer you savings in the long run. Money is saved by cutting the expense of refilling the water because of evaporation, requiring fewer chemicals to care for the water, and the total power utilized to heat the water. Besides child-proofing your pool area, these best automatic pool covers will also help to keep debris out and retain the heat in the water. Of course, the primary benefit you will get from a Best automatic pool cover is how they will add to the safety of the pool (i.e. the pool area is now child-proof) and improve your peace of mind.

Each year there are numerous reports of an accidental drowning involving home swimming pools. One of the simplest ways to prevent these tragedies will be to install a good automatic pool safety cover. When it comes to covering your swimming pool, automatic pool covers might be the best in pool area safety. They will usually roll up on a reel and be secured to tracks which run along the sides of the swimming pool. The Right Automatic pool covers are ordinarily operated employing a key to ensuring safety.

Automatic Solar Pool Covers

The Best Automatic solar pool covers which are being offered are long-lasting, dependable, and handier to work than past covers. The most crucial thing you need to find while choosing the right automatic pool cover would be a pressure sensor and relief valve that will discern problems and stop in case something is blocking the way. Another essential issue to consider when shopping for one would be the fabric utilized to construct the pool cover. A toughened vinyl fabric can often be the smartest pick for both durability and strength. Be sure to contrast the length of the warranty as well as price when searching. How long the warranty is can offer you a hint regarding the value of the pool cover you are getting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Does A Pool Cover Save Water In A Swimming Pool?

Ans: Yes, a pool cover can help to reduce the evaporation by up to 93 %. This not only saves water but also energy and money.

Q 2. Does A Pool Cover Help To Heat The Pool?

Ans: Yes. Some pool covers help to heat your swimming pool by taking the benefit of the sun’s heat. They help to maintain the heat inside your swimming pool also.

Q 3. Is A Cover Kid Safe?

Ans: These covers will prevent a kid from directly falling into the swimming pool and may even support the weight of pets and kids, they are not rated as children safe and are not guaranteed to do that.

Q 4. Can A Pool Cover Completely Shut My Pool?

Ans: As rainwater can easily pass through the cover, a complete shutdown is not possible.

Q 5. Can I Install A Swimming Pool Cover Myself?

Ans: Yes. It is easy to install these covers. The things you need are a concrete drill bit and a hammer drill.

Q 6. How Should I Store My Pool Cover?

Ans: You don’t need a pool roller to store your pool cover. You only need to fold it and keep it in a dry place – away from the sun.

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