Best Hard Plastic Kiddie Pools- Top Safe & Non-toxic Pools

Are Your Kids Ready For Some Splish-Splash Fun In The Sun?

Then you are reading right, as we introduce you to the best Kiddie pools that can make your kids go through an experience that is just out of the world. Your children can have a refuge from the summer heat with these amazing pools made of hard-plastic and designed with utmost attraction and uniqueness. So, much innovation and creativity are a part of these kiddie pools, that we are sure won’t let you resist to own one for your little one. You can invest in the best that suits your child’s age and can bring so much happiness to your kids that is just unimaginable.

Not only fun and entertainment but these pools enhance your kids motor, cognitive and sensory skills while they grow.

Top 5 Hard Plastic Kiddie Pools

Taylor Toy Snapset Swimming Pool for Kids

The Taylor Toy Snapset is an amazing kiddie pool that doesn’t require any inflating hassles and the toddlers and kids can have seamless fun. The pool bottom is soft and can be opened and packed with ease and comfort. You can feel the coolness of the pool on the hot summer days and make you kids have cherish able moments. This above ground swimming pool measures 12” x 5” x 5” and shouldn’t be overloaded in order to stop water spill out of the pool.

Plastic Kiddie PoolThe water may slosh out of the pool if the ground doesn’t share a proper and consistent level. The pool has a capacity of 203 gallons and can accommodate adequate water for a toddler to splash in. A good idea if you carry this for family outings and set wherever you want. Though, one can’t lean on the sides of this pool but can enjoy inside it. This can be set-up easily and doesn’t require any tools. It is recommended to supervise the toddlers when they are inside the pool.

The Best

A pool that is perfect for youngsters and helps you in beating heat on the hot summer days

This is easy to assemble and doesn’t require any tools, no complicated process

You have to just empty it, fold and store during winter time

This measures 71in Diameter x 15in Depth and is a safe option for kids, but should be supervised

Doesn’t require any inflation

The Worst

The sides are floppy

Starplay Junior Lagoon Pool/Sandpit – Blue Color

The Starplay junior Lagoon pool is an excellent choice for summer fun. A great pool in a vibrant blue color that can make your kids have endless fun on hot summer day. You can make your infant take a comfortable bath in this and one cute baby can easily fit into this without any trouble. This wonderful tub is 2 ft. and a ½ in size and is a safe option for your child. A pool that’s sturdy, durable and can be used for heavy-duty. The plastic of this kiddie pool is stiff enough and doesn’t bend, and the worries of water splashing out are omitted.

Kid Hard Plastic PoolOn the bottom of the lagoon pool are some sea-horses, fish and bubbles engraved. A pool that is safe and non-slippery too. You can carry it and place anywhere in the porch or backyard. This can manage 16 gallons of water, pretty enough for your kid to enjoy and relax. Easy assembly as doesn’t require any tools, and cleaning is much easier that you can just drain water and clean it with a damp cloth. The pool is square in size and can easily fir anywhere, and water can be filled or drained from top as this isn’t equipped with a separate drain system. You can use this as a sand pit too, a great way to engage your kid in some intelligent fun.

The Best

A great lagoon pool that can be used as a sand-pit too

Can manage over 16 gallons

This is sturdy, durable and safe for your cute kid

You can clean it easily with a damp cloth after draining water

A pool that is light in weight and easy to carry

The Worst

A little small in size

Intex Snorkel Buddies Snapset Pool

Another great hard plastic kiddie pool that doesn’t require any inflating task. The Intex Snorkel buddies comes in attractive blue color that matches the cool blue skies and has prints of an aquarium that attracts your kids for sure. Beat the heat with the most amazing kiddie pool and have a safe water splashing time for your loved ones. Two medium toddlers can easily fit into this and you just have to unfold properly when this is out of the box for use. This can be folded again and can be kept safely during cold season.

Non Inflatable Kiddie PoolThe pool features a soft bottom can make your kids sit with ease while they enjoy the water. This is suitable for kids of 3 years and more, but it is wise that the supervision should always be done by an adult. The Intex also comes with repair patches to plug any holes if required. The pool can manage for 9 1/2″, 24cms of water at a time and that is sufficient for your kid. The size dimensions of the pool are 5’ x 10” and should be positioned on a smooth surface to avoid any sort of tear or damage. Can be rolled up easily when not in use and can be filled with water when required.

The Best

A pool that can be easily stored and folded

Doesn’t require any inflation

Made of sturdy material and bottom is vinyl

A great way in which your kids can have summer fun

Also has a repair patch

Is best suited for kids of 3 years +

The Worst

Difficult in holding it when opened

Step2 Play & Shade Pool, Kids Outdoor Pool

A beautiful blue pool that your kids will just fall in love with. This wonderful pool features two-molded seats, funnel cups and a colorful umbrella to provide your kids a bit of shade and endless fun while they splash in water. The umbrella is 40” and is fitted beautifully on the side of the pool. This also has a fun spinning water wheel that can make you have added play and provide shade to your pool. The tractions at the pool bottom in the molded designs support your toddler feet.

Small Hard Plastic Kiddie Pools

This pool comes with an easy set-up feature with very less adult indulgence. A sturdy pool that can last for seasons and seriously your kids will grow but the pool won’t break. The kids can safely lean on its sides as is so strong built. This comes with a non-slip quality and has animals engraved at the pool bottom. No worries of getting it cracked and is rigid to use. Though, no extra drainage this pool has, but still the water can be taken out with ease by bailing out with a bowl.

The Best

The toddlers can make their pool time fun-filled like a party with this unique pool

This is equipped with two-molded seats with an umbrella and funnel cups

A fun spinning water wheel is for added play

This is sturdy and durable and has a long life

The pool bottom has animals engraved on it that provides traction to toddler feet

Features an umbrella that provides shade to your little one

The Worst

No cons as such, overall a great product

A little small for elder kids

Pop-Up Frog – ‘Travel Pool’

The Pop-Up Frog is another amazing pool that can be carried with ease anywhere. Available in a vibrant green color this pool is designed with innovation for your kids. This can be transported on the beach side and the kids can have super fun! Though, the pool slides are a little soft, and the water can go out of it, in case the kids are active. But, overall a safe pool to sit in and enjoy in the summer. The hood is sturdy that provides shade to your little one in case of heat. The shade acts as a protection against UV rays too.

Kiddie Pool Plastic

You just can’t miss this pool in summer and can make kids acquainted with water. This just pop ups and no complicated assembly required, so cute the frog is that you can’t resist owning one. Safety with seamless fun is what this travel pool provides you with. The water depth of the pool is 6 inches and best suited for toddlers of 9 to 24 months. Its recommended to supervise the child with the indulgence of an adult.  Your baby remains happy and so do you, what else one wants?

The Best

A great and attractive pool that can be carried anywhere conveniently

Features a sturdy hood that provides shade too

This pop-up pool is a must have this summer

Safety and awesomeness are what this pool exhibits

This is made with durable vinyl material

Sensory, motor and cognitive skills of the baby develop with this pool

Provides protection against UV rays too

The Worst

Difficult to store

Hard Plastic Kiddie pools VS Inflatable pools

Out of many options available in the market the hard-plastic kiddie pools are more preferred than the inflatable ones. Let us see how?

Undoubtedly, the hard-plastic pools are durable than the inflatable ones as are made of quality plastic. The inflatable pools require more time to inflate with accessory such as pool pump. While, the hard-plastic pools require no tools and have no inflation hassles. The inflatable ones have more chances of getting damaged, due to pricks or tear, and the plastic ones require least maintenance.

Hard-plastic kiddie pools come with a big yes, that can make you have endless fun in summer and are safe for your kids.  

Choosing The Best Pool For Your Love, Your Kid!!

Some crucial points that should be understood before you own one for your little one.

A variety of kiddie pools made of hard plastic are available in the market at your disposal to choose. The decision is entirely yours as you are going to use it for your little bundle of joy. We have tried to list a few factors for you to have a clearer picture.

The Pool Size And Shape

The size of the pool should be chosen by considering your family size, the number of kids you have along with their age. Kids that have very less age require smaller pools than the ones that are elder. You should go through the product dimensions properly before you buy your pool. The product specifications are always listed by the manufacturer for you to go through. Every pool will be fit for some and may be a mis-fit for others. It is wise to go a pool that is slightly bigger than your need.

The pool shape is equally important like the pool size as some of them are accessorized with castles, turtles, umbrellas, hoods and more. You have to reserve a place in your house and that should match with pool dimensions. Consider this seriously to have the best choice.

The Durability

This is something again very important before you move forward for investing your money. The pools are exposed to soaring high temperatures in summer, so a durable and sturdy product is a must to invest in. When you buy a hard-plastic pool then be assured that you are spending your money right as they are the most robust of all. These pools are easy to set up and are made of material that is high quality PVC. Go for a pool that is made of good plastic as this is just concerned with your child’s health too.

The Safety Factor

When it concerns you loved one how can one ignore safety?

Being in water can be dangerous for your child at times, so proper supervision is always required for your child by an adult. The hard-molded plastic keeps your child safe, and the wider the pool then safer for your little one. Choose the right pool for your toddler according the size and age. The depth of the pool shouldn’t be much and the children should not be left unattended.

The Budget

Buy a pool that matches your pocket, and spend wisely for your family. These pools are economical and will last long too.

The Summary

Owning a great pool for your little one will add endless joyful moments for you and your loved ones. The pools discussed in above are great and durable, and can be invested in without any worries. Consider all the worthy points that will make you choose better and spend wiser. The hard-plastic pools are by far the safest and economical than the other competitors. You will yourself feel like a child again as the variety we get of these pools is just spectacular. The colors, the benefits and the uniqueness these pools exhibit is something par excellence.

Get a marvelous pool for your little one before the summers start! 

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