Aquabot Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

The Aquabot is a robotic pool cleaner that will get your entire pool cleaned without you having to break a sweat. It is an automatic solution to all your pool cleaning, scrubbing and washing worries and is a handy tool if you are willing to invest in an efficient and easy to use pool cleaner. The Aquabot Elite not only cleans your pool effectively, but also protects your family against illnesses and infections. It is a leading pool manufacturer in the pool cleaning industry and using its advanced technology and features, it can cover and clean every inch of the pool.

Best Features

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  • AutoX™ Pool Mapping–The Aquabot Elite employs advanced AutoX™ Pool Mapping technique to fully map and measure the pool appropriately and then provides the best cleaning cycle for a pool. This feature is compatible with all kinds of surfaces and it helps to clean the pool entirely.
  • 4 Wheel Drive With its unique 4 Wheel Drive feature, the Aquabot Elite can clean your pool to run automatically and clean your pool to perfection. With higher grip and traction on every surface, this robotic cleaner can thoroughly clean the entire pool.
  • Anti-Tangle Cord –The Aquabot Elite comes with a 60 feet anti tangle and anti-split cord to help you say goodbye to twisting cords while cleaning your pool.
  • User Friendly Design – With its easy to clean and operate interface, the Aquabot Elite is a perfect companion when it comes to cleaning your pool.

Under $850

Specifications Of Aquabot Elite

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  • The Aquabot Elite runs on a power efficient DC motor using only 180W to clean the pool
  • The Aquabot Elite is user-friendly and easy to use for pool cleaning purposes
  • It features a simple drag and drop technology to clean the pool without manual efforts
  • The Aquabot Elite features 190 cubic inches debris capacity for thorough cleaning
  • It comes with a micro brush cleaning facility to remove bacteria, debris, dirt and algae from the pool
  • The Aquabot employs industry leading pumps and filtration components with upto 85GPM of rotating power and upto 2 microns of filtration
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  • The Aquabot Elite comes with a simple, easy to use interface for better cleaning and easy operation
  • It features an advanced AutoX Pool Mapping feature which automatically maps and identifies the best way to clean your pool thoroughly
  • The Aquabot Elite’s 4 Wheel Drive terrain is suitable to clean the harshest and roughest pool surfaces with ease and simplicity
  • The Aquabot Elite comes with a three-year warranty which offers excellent value for money
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  • The Aquabot Elite doesn’t come with a remote

Final Verdict

The Aquabot Elite is a perfect robotic pool cleaner with its advanced features and hi-tech specifications to clean your pool thoroughly and remove bacteria, debris and dirt from every corner. It comes with a pool robot caddy for easy transportation and a 3-year warranty to offer the best value for money and peace of mind. With is AutoX pool mapping feature, you need not worry about it reaching the tough corners of your pool, the Aquabot Elite is intelligent enough to automatically decide what type of cleaning works best for your pool and saves your time and efforts in the longer run.

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