Advice for Choosing Ground Pool Decks Designs

One of the fun part about having your own ground pool is having friends and family over for the weekend or on special occasions. However, it works better if you put up a ground pool deck. It’s that extra space that allows everyone to converge and relax. You can put up some lounge chairs, porch-type furniture, and your trusty barbecue grill.

In choosing ground best pool decks, there are some things you should try to keep in mind to make sure your money goes a long way, and everyone is happy.


You should choose the right size of good pool deck so the place will not feel and look cramped. Keep in mind the kind of furniture and style you want for your outdoor deck. You have many choices from tropical to lush greens, and minimalist or young and youthful. Ideally, think of the number of guests you would normally have over, then add 10% to that number. This should be the amount of deck space you need to enjoy your swimming party.

Layout and Orientation

A Best ground pool deck should never be the main focal point, but only supporting role to the pool, albeit a major role it is indeed. You can choose a layout that stays on one end of the pool, or wraps itself around the edge of your ground pool. There really is no limit to what you can come up with. Browse through some magazines or go online and see what others have done before with a similar available space. You may be surrounded by neighbors and their personal effects hanging in their backyard, so your orientation will play an important role in the overall effect. In choosing the best ground pool decks, decide where you want to face when you are standing on your deck. This will help you decide which kind of deck to buy.


Most ground pool decks use wood, but there are different kinds of wood, as well as other materials like tiles, cement, or a garden style free-form. The choice will be based not just on the cost, but also on what kind of environment and look you want to achieve.

Finally, some smart design tips in choosing ground pool decks:

  • If you have a small property, match the deck to your home’s exterior colors so that there is a smooth flow in design
  • You can put up some lounge chairs, porch-type furniture, and your trusty barbecue grill.
  • If you are lucky to have more space to work with, then you can look instead at your garden or landscape; or you can enjoy the free form design and  layout

Having your deck close to the house is convenient, but it can also be noisy for those inside the house.

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