What To Put Under Above Ground Pool

Swimming or relaxing in an above ground pool is a popular way to unwind for many and the best part is these can be easily installed on concrete ground or grass. For installation of an above ground pool, different agents are used as a security padding under the pool for security, safety, and comfort.

It’s very much important to select the place wisely for pool installation as well as the padding agent to keep it safe and steady. In this article, we are going to discuss what paddings should be put under above ground pools on the grass.



Sand is the most common item that can be put under the ground pool and can be easily found and it is also cost-effective. While using sand some important notes should be kept in mind.

  • Use virgin soil not mason soil.
  • Sand should be compacted with a plate compactor. Otherwise, feet will sink and there will be cracks on the liner.
  • Using too much soil can result in the disturbance of insects.
  • Using sand outside the pool can result in disturbance of cats of neighbors’ doing potty on it.

Commercial Pads:

Different commercial pads are found in the markets that are mostly used on the concrete surface. But these can be used in the grass surface also. These are made of plastic.

Notes to remember:

  • It’s easy to trim to fit the pool
  • Made of breathable material so that moisture can be easily escaped.
  • These pads are tough and they are not affected by insects.
  • These are long-lasting.
  • While using the pads one should keep in mind that if the pad is too thick, two to three layers should be used under the pool.
  • The surface should be made smooth before using the pads.

One of the disadvantages of these pads is they are too much expensive. For this reason, not everyone can afford it.

Solid Foam:

Solid foams can be used in concrete or grass.

  • Solid foams come with different thickness. So thickness can be chosen considering the surface anyone uses.
  • It provides sufficient comfort like cushioning.
  • It can be easily cut and shaped.
  • Sometimes cutting exactly the shape one requires becomes time-consuming.
  • These can be easily affected by insects and other things.
  • These are comfortable but not long lasting while using on the grass.

It can be expensive sometimes.

Flooring Underlayment:

Now a day’s different flooring underlayment is found in the market.

  • While using it, multiple layers should be used as it is too thick.
  • Provides minimal cushioning
  • It is less expensive

Important Notes For The Above Ground Pool On Grass:

  1. First of all, on the chosen surface grasses should be cleaned to even up the surface.
  2. Secondly, a grass killer should be used. So that grass can’t grow under the pool. Growing grasses can uneven the surface.
  3. Thirdly, insecticides should be used under and outside the pool
  4. Again any polythene type material should not be used under the pool. Because if the liner leaks, the polythene would lock the moisture in it and cause mold to grow inside the liner.
  5. Keep the pool away from grass, weeds and tree roots. It weakens the sustainability of the pool.


Keeping the important note in mind, to install a ground pool on grass any of the above materials can be used under the pool over the grass. As ground pools are made to relax and also for the children to play, everyone should keep both the comfort and cost in mind.