10 Pool Maintenance Tips [Infographic]

Unlike the common perception, maintenance of your pool should not be a big challenge. Though there are different types of pools, there is one common about them all. If you spend some time maintaining them and follow the time tested methods you can be sure that you will find the pool in good tips. Here are some tips that we should keep in mind.
10 pool maitenance tips

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Look At the Effective Pool Maintenance Tips

  • Hand Skimming

 There is no doubt that hand skimming once in a while on the surface water of the pool is most effective and common  methods by which your pool can be kept clean. This will help you to remove floating remove. If you do not do this the debris will sink making cleaning difficult to clean.

  • Importance Of Vacuuming

You must vacuum the pool at least once a week. You must spend some time and choose the top automatic vacuum depending on size, depth of water and other factors.

  • Regular Cleaning Of Pool Filter 

You come across three types of pool filters and they are cartridge, sand and diatomaceous earth. While the three have different procedures and methods of cleaning, at the end of the day the objective is the same. They filter wastes and debris and keep them from getting into your pool. You must therefore make sure that you clean it regularly so that it works well at all points of time.

  • Take Professional Care Of Heater 

Though pool heaters can work fine without too much of maintenance you must not take things for granted. The regularity and type of maintenance would depend on the type of heaters, viz. gas or electric.

  • Keep Water Level Normal 

Water levels deplete because of evaporation and normal wear and tear. Hence, you must ensure that the water levels are optimal especially during summer season when there is bound to be evaporation loss.

  • Keep The pH Level Perfect 

You must check the pH level regularly and ensure that the alkaline levels are optimal. The acidity or alkalinity levels vary from 0 to 14 and the optimal level should be between 7.2 and 7.8. It is safe for swimmers and also helps sanitizers to work perfectly.

  • Importance Of Superchlorination

 Pools often get contaminated with organic compounds like nitrogen and ammonia. When they interact with chlorine in water it could lead to formation of chloramines which give out that typical odor associated in many pools. Hence regular superchlorination is needed to remove this odor.

  • Identify And Repair Leaks 

Conducting regular bucket checks is a good way to find out if there are leaks in your swimming pool. The levels of water in the bucket and outside should remain the same when the bucket is left floating for a couple of days. If the level of water in the pool goes down below that of the bucket then you can be sure that it is because of leakage.

  • Winterizing Pool

 If you live in climates where snow and ice formation is common in winter, you must try and have the right winterizing appliances and facilities available.

  • Keep Your Pool Open

 Once the winter season is over, you must try and keep the pool open for summer and the pool covers should remain open. It should remain so for the entire summer season.