Dirt Dfender 1250 GPH In-Ground Pool Winter Cover Pump Review

For all those individuals who have a solid pool cover would know the importance of the cover pump. One of the main drawbacks of the pool cover is that the water gets collected over the pool cover. This water comes from snow and rain. They can even produce a rotten mess when the leaves, twigs, etc., add to the pond of water. This is the definite disadvantage of using a solid pool cover. With the fallen seeds and twigs the pool becomes unsafe to use. Swim Time Dirt Defender 1250 GPH In-Ground Pool Winter Cover Pump Auto On/Off is a one stop solution to all this mess.

Swim Time 1250 GPH In-Ground Pool Winter Cover Pump Auto On/Off can eliminate the smell and the hazards of not letting the water stay on the cover. The pool pump is considered as a submersible pump or a sump pump that will be on top of the winter cover. Best pool pumps is usually a high impact, UV resistant, and cold resistant pump. They also have a nonmetallic housing with an adapter that is used to connect it to the garden hose. This is an automatic model and has a broader base that can be attached so as to help the pump to stay upright on the cover. The long electric cord can extend up to 33 feet. It is simple, and all one has to do is attach the garden hose to the pump and set it on top of the pool cover and turn the device on.

Remove The Solid Debris

Swim Time 1250 GPH In-Ground Pool Winter Cover Pump Auto On/Off

Will suck all the standing water and deliver it to whichever place the hose is directed to and when the cover is dry one has the option to turn the pump off. Whether an individual is using a manual pump or an automatic pump one has to see that they have to remove any solid debris like the leaves and twigs so that the pump does not get clogged. The automatic pumps are even simpler to use as they will automatically turn on when the water is filled in the cover and will shut down automatically as well when water is drained out.

Lightweight, only 10 pounds

Adding Swim Time 1250 GPH In-Ground Pool Winter Cover Pump Auto On/Off to the swimming pool as a part of the winter maintenance will make the pool look more attractive all along the winter. This is a very powerful pump and can remove up to 1250 gallons of water per hour from the winter cover. This device weighs just about 10 pounds and has powerful 1/3 HP pump.

Swim Time 1250 GPH In-Ground Pool Winter Cover Pump Auto On/Off can also be used to pump the water out of the basement or also to drain the boat. To provide the pump with more stability on the winter covers, they are also providing a universal pump base. It has an easy snap-on design that will fit easily anywhere. They come with a one year warranty. They are clogging resistance and work on 110-120 volt AC.

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