Best Pool Vacuum Reviews 2016 (BUYING GUIDE & COMPARISON CHART)

Are you looking for the Pool Vacuum Ever? These days, it is pretty much a trend to have grand swimming pools at one’s place of residence. Everyone genuinely wants to get a grand pool into which they can dip and relax for a couple of hours. Now, you are at the disposal to spend a lot of money to have the grandest swimming pool at your place, but, if it is not kept dirt free and not maintained properly, you will not quite enjoy taking a plunge in it. This is applicable to all sorts of pools – whether in ground ones or above the ground ones. This is the reason why there are a lot of Robotic pool vacuum that help you to maintain and clean your swimming pool on a regular basis, so that it is sparkling clean for you to take a dip in whenever you feel like it. So, if you have a pool, or are planning on buying a house with your very own pool in it, then do read about these pool cleaners as it will prove to be very beneficial to you.

Comparison of Top Rated Pool Vacuum on the Market

  • BARACUDA G3 W03000
  • Pool Type- In-Ground
  • Cleaner Type- Suction
  • Warranty- 90 Day
  • Hayward RC9990GR TigerShark
  • Pool Type- All Pools
  • Cleaner Type- Robotic
  • Warranty- 1 Year
  • Dolphin 99996323
  • Pool Type- All Pools
  • Cleaner Type- Robotic
  • Warranty- 1 Year
  • Polaris Vac-Sweep 360
  • Pool Type- All Pools
  • Cleaner Type- Pressure
  • Warranty- 1 Year
  • Dolphin 99996356
  • Pool Type- All Pools
  • Cleaner Type- Robotic
  • Warranty- 2 Year

Top 5 Best Pool Vacuum Reviews

Now, that it has been established that the cleanliness and the maintenance of a pool is absolutely mandatory, you must be wondering what sort of device you should get for yourself. Well, here is a complete list of some of the top rated pool vacuum on the market at the present time. Read through them carefully and then make your pick!


Baracuda G3 W03000

BARACUDA G3 W03000 As a Best Suction Pool CleanersThe BARACUDA G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Pool Cleaner is primarily known for its simplicity. If you are one of those who are averse to machines and like it simple, then baracuda g3 is absolutely the device you should go for. However, do not make the mistake of taking baracuda g3 to be inefficient, because even though it is an extremely simple device, Top suction pool cleaner built with a modern take to give the ultimate pool cleaning experience. One of the contributing factors that make this equipment quite easy to use is that it has only one movable part that is used for collecting the dust and the grime off the pool surfaces.

This is one of the best sellers in the department of good suction side pool vacuum and thus, you can make out just how popular this particular model is. Mainly suitable for inground pools, this is one machine that will deliver a hundred percent. One of the most amazing features of best inground pool cleaner is that it can clean up huge amounts of dirt and debris ranging from minute sand particles to pebbles to leaves and all the dust that the pools can encounter with. Moreover, it is super effective in cleaning all the pool walls and scrambling the dirt out of them too. So, if you are looking for a device that isn’t too tough to operate, can be stored in a relatively small space, is very easy to install and maintain, and is well within the reach of your pockets, then this device is just all of it!

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Hayward TigerShark QC RC9990GR

Hayward TigerShark as a Good Pool Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

The Hayward Tiger Shark QC RC9990GR Robotic Pool vacuum with Quick Clean Technology is one of the most affordable pool vacuum that you will have the chance to come across. The robotic system in the Hayward pool cleaner is the best for cleaning up the dirt and the grime off your inground pool. It is true that most people who own swimming pools are very averse when it comes to cleaning it, as they do not wish to get their hands dirty. If you are one of these people, then you will absolutely love this very product, as cleaning a pool is a very heavy and daunting task, but all thanks to best inground pool vacuum, it becomes very easy and also extremely less time consuming.

You have to look at Hayward Tiger Shark QC RC9990GR Robotic Pool Cleaner with Quick Clean Technology as an investment that you will be making. This is because it is equipped with intelligent technology, and it takes the shortest time possible to make swimming pool cleaning. It might be a tad bit higher priced than some of the other devices that are available in the market, but with all the features that it has, it is definitely a money saver for the long run. Accoutered with two types of cleaning programs, it assures to clean your pool in about three hours. The other cleaning program takes about ninety minutes – this is more of a quick clean-up of the pool if you are short of time. 

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Dolphin 99996323

Dolphin 99996323 considered as a Best Affordable Vacuum For Pool

The Top Dolphin 99996323 Nautilus Electric Pool Cleaner with Swivel Cable. which is specifically designed to scrub away and to vacuum all the floors, walls of the inground pools. The most unique feature about dolphin 99996323 is that it does not have any filter bags to collect the dirt off from the pools but instead, it has a cartridge filter that performs the function of removing all the dust and dirt off the swimming pool surface. Another very interesting fact that you must know about is that it has a power cable that measures up to 60 feet in length, and also has a swivel, which prevents the coil from tangling and coiling. Moreover, this is one of the best inground pool cleaner that does not require a booster pump to function.

This inground pool vacuum comes with a cartridge filter, a cable swivel, and a power supply. All of this is included in your package and you do not need to purchase anything extra. Also, dolphin 99996323 has a warranty of up to one year on the spare parts of this device. This swimming pool vacuums are very efficient in cleaning off the dirt off from the angles that are formed in the swimming pool from the pool walls and floor. Also, it comes with swimming pool cleaning the waterline at the edge of the pool. In addition, it has features like it has a 24 volt motor that results in powered scrubbing of the pool and a brush system that prevents the growth of algae or bacteria in the pool. So, with so many features in only one product, it is considered to be one of the leading products in the business. you also check the robotic swimming pool vacuum reviews for more information about robotic vacuums. 

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Polaris Vac-Sweep 360

Polaris 360 as a Best Vacuum For The Money

The Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner is one of the most favorite products of a large section of customers. This is because it basically functions on the basis of the pressure line that comes from the pump. A very beneficial fact about Polaris pool vacuum model is that it requires no additional booster pump. This is a plus point for the consumers as the installation charges and the electricity consumption does not get affected and increased.

Some of the features that Polaris 360 model has to offer are that it effectively cleans all inground pools of different shapes and sizes, and a chamber bad that is used for collecting the dust particles that comes off the swimming pool. The Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner also comes with a backup valve that does not allow the device to get stuck in difficult corners.

Moreover, the polaris pool cleaner is very easy to install and use, and so you will not require any external help to do the same. It is very well accoutred with the latest technology and thus, this is why consumers like polaris 360 model very much. The polaris pool cleaner also comes at a very good price for the budget conscious customer. you can also read more reviews for polaris pool vacuum.

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Dolphin 99996356

Dolphin 99996356 considered as a Top Rated Pool vacuum Cleaner Reviews

The Dolphin 99996356 Dolphin Triton Robotic Pool Cleaner with Caddy Swivel Cable is truly a one of its kind product and is a fierce competitor in the fight for the pool cleaner. It has one of the most sought after features that anyone would want in a top pool vacuums, which happens to be its microprocessor technology.

Clearly, the Dolphin 99996356 Triton with Caddy Swivel Cable is the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner available in the market. The design and technology is of super quality that makes the device user friendly and easy to use. It cleans us all the dirt and dust from the pool surface and then it collects all the dirt in the filter cartridge. The cartridges are also of two types – spring clean and standard. You will find these cartridges very easily in the market in case you ever need to replace them. It has a 60 foot electrical cord too, and it also comes with a swivel connection. This swivel helps to stop the cord from getting coiled that could come in the way of the good robotic pool vacuums. This vacuum are recommend for the best commercial pool vacuum.

So, with all these wonderful features, this is indeed a good device to put your money in. Therefore, if looking for a pool cleaning device, there is no need to go beyond this list!

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Choosing The Best Pool Vacuum

We all think of having a pool around our house, to enjoy water baths in most natural way. But we hardly think about the responsibilities that come along with it. A pool is only enjoyable, if there are nor impurities in it, and the water is clean. You can solve this problem by having a good pool cleaner that cleans the water by filtering the impurities in it. They could be debris, dried leaves, external particles, stones and whatnot. When a thing is uncovered, you can expect anything it. A good pool vacuum gets rid of them, smartly and efficiently. Before having a thought of purchasing one, let us have a look on what factors you should consider before it.

Size Of The Pool

Your pool cleaner capacity directly depends upon the size of pool you have. If you buy a small pool cleaner, and your pool is comparatively small, then you have to wait years when it actually cleans up the whole pool. If we think about the vice versa, you’re going to make your pool full of turbulence, and that’s not a way to clean a pool. Both ways, you’re damaging the cleaner. The pool size is usually 10 x 20, 15 x 30, and 20 x 40, i.e., the breadth is half of the length, and 5.5 feet depth. You have to select a pool cleaner, that cleans that much area in less time. That you can decide by looking at the pool cleaner head, and it area. If you’re going for robotic pool cleaners, you can decide by having a look on their time of cleaning. Normally, 1 hour time is sufficient. Make the cleaner large accordingly with your pool, because having bigger than required is wastage of money and energy.

Type Of Debris To Be Removed

The pool is outside, and we all know that it is prone to the debris that comes with storms, heavy winds and accidents around the pool. Even if you have covered it, there is a chance of heavy dirt at the bottom of it. Debris like dust, small stones, and leaves are common. They could easily get cleaned by manual pool cleaners, by suction ones. But if your pool has heavy load of dirt, stick, dried leaves, and bulky things, it is suggested to go for robotic ones, because they need minimal effort and do the work efficiently. Even if you forget them, they will auto shut themselves and you can come back later when you required them to clean. They’re better in any aspects, but if you like to do work by yourself, it is suggested to use conventional suction type cleaners. Robotic cleaners are the new technology, which works great, and people are switching to them, because with them, cleaning is so much easy.


The device you would buy, should be suitable for the pool, environment and functioning. If you buy suction type pool cleaner, and debris are bulky, you may end up cleaning them by hands, because suction types are not that efficient in that case. Also, if your kids are around, they may get into trouble by touching while it’s functioning. In some places, there are not enough debris due to less storms and heavy winds. If you’re living in that place, then you can think of having a simple suction type cleaner, because you’re going to need it once in a while.

If you place is exact opposite, then you need a robotic cleaner, because it makes the human efforts zero, and work on its own. You just have to start and leave it in the pool, and come back later for the cleaning of the debris. These cleaners catch debris that are bulky, stick, stones, dust, gravel, algae, white scum, and whatnot.


It is deciding factor that which cleaner you are going to get. If your budget is on the upper end, you could think about robotic, or large area suction type cleaners. But if you’re have a tight budget, then go for conventional pool cleaners. You can have additional accessories with the suction type cleaner, to make it better if you have a good budget. It is recommended that you go for robotic type ones, because they have less maintenance, work fine, and doesn’t require efforts. They might be expensive, but they’re worth it. If you’re investing into your pool, why not invest well? If you can go for the cleaner which has more features and is automatic, then you should definitely buy it. They come in the range of 300 to 600 dollars, whereas suction type are in the range of 200 to 500 dollars.

Warranty & Service

No matter how good an equipment is, there is always a chance of getting it malfunctioned. If you don’t have a warranty then it could be difficult for you to get it repaired, which also, could cost you money. Even if there is a slightest problem, you should have a proper contact of customer service, and they should be responsive too, so that you can straight up call them and enquire about the same. These things matter the most, because a company’s reputation is based upon the interaction with customers. By chance if anything happens to the device, at least you would know what to do. Mostly, pool cleaner companies provide 2 years of manufacturing warranty, which is a standard warranty time.

These factors play important role in deciding which type of pol cleaner is better, and how large it should be. Apart from this, its cleaning capacity also matters. If it is a robotic one, then you should check its debris bag, it should be of appropriate size. Suction type pool cleaners’ motors also play major role. If the debris are heavy, you should go for the motor which has considerable suction head. Overall, if we see, all factors coincide on the budget you have, so choose accordingly.

Types Of Pool Cleaners

Pool cleaners have vast variety, depending upon functioning and work load. But they all can be classified into four categories, based on their mechanism of working.

Pressure side pool cleaners work with the help of your booster pump. They’re more powerful than suction side. Pressure side cleaners have additional accessories that can connect your pump, giving it power to suck up things from your pool surface. However, they can put some pressure on your filtration system when working so you have to be alert. If you don’t have a pool pump, then whole accessories including pump could be expensive. They are powerful cleaners but require human efforts to clean.

Their work is good, and requires lots of efforts, but if you don’t have a booster system, you might not be able to get work done. These pool vacuum can clean up heavy debris and dirt without any problem. They are recommended for big pools, having a booster pump. The head of the tool sucks things and pass through the filtration process.


  • For big sized pools
  • Can handle heavy debris
  • Powerful


  • Not for sharp corners

The Suction side pool cleaner are less powerful than pressure side ones, but if your pool is small, The Best suction pool cleaner is exactly what you need. The host is attached to the skimmer box, and your filtration system is used for creating the pressure. Most of the pool cleaners are suction head. There also divided into two subcategories.

  1. Inertia driven suction cleaners work on random basis. They will cover all your pool area but require some time to do it. They miss sharp corners but on round walls, they work well.
  2. Geared suction cleaners work in set pattern manner, and they choose the way that can do the work in least possible time. They cover almost every inch of the pool, including sharp corners.

They’re cheapest form of pool cleaners and also get your work done in efficient manner. They are widely used due to the fact that you can use them with your skimmer box, and you need not to have many accessories.


  • Cheap and efficient
  • Can clean up every corner


  • Not for heavy debris
  • Not for big sized pools

The Robotic pool cleaner are automated systems designed to carry cleaning options. They have a bag that they use for carrying the debris along with them. When you start them and place them in the pool, they start functioning by sucking up debris by their suction head, and collect them to the bag. They work on the electricity, and the socket should be close to the pool. Usually, the wire is about 40 feet, but depend on the model. They are comparatively efficient than pressure and suction side pool cleaners. Their main benefit is that, they require no human effort, just switch them n and collect them when the job is done. There are many reviews about top pool vacuum, to help you choose the right vacuum for your pool

Their shape is usually like a car, having wheels for moving, and sensors to judge the way. They clean up every part of the pool, sharp and round corners, everything. Most of them have auto shut option. They shut down after couple of hours, and you can bring them in open to clean the bag. They are expensive and many of you may thing about investing that kind of money into them, but they’re worth it, you will get to know once you purchase them.


  • Fully automatic, no human effort
  • Heavy debris
  • Less time is required to clean up
  • Every part of the pool is cleaned


  • They’re expensive
  • Require power socket near pool
  • Maintenance is high

The Solar pool cleaners are powered by the solar cells, and use negligible amount of electricity as compared to any other type of pool cleaners. They work floating over the surface. The sensors in it, scans the film of water horizontally and then collect the debris after reaching them. The principle is that, before sinking, all the debris float for certain amount of time. The solar pool cleaner catches them all, before sinking. The cleaner has to be in the pool most of the time to make it clean.

They work quite efficiently, but are expensive. Their maintenance is high. The equipment is good on daily basis, but if you want to remove debris after a long time, which would be at the bottom, then it fails. It can’t remove debris from the bottom. This is by far, the biggest flaw in them. Most of them have chemical dispenser of making the water free from any kind of bacteria. They’re a good investment, but you need to think about the way they work, if you want a cleaner that works on regular basis, you should definitely go for this.


  • Clean up easy
  • All type of debris are cleaned
  • Negligible power is required
  • Efficient


  • Expensive
  • Debris from bottom can’t be removed.
  • Require maintenance.

Benefits of Best Pool Vacuum

Pool vacuums are great devise to make your pool a better place to dive in. they remove all the debris with less human efforts, and efficiently. When their job is done, you will find your pool clean like it was never before. They suck up every kind of debris without any problem. They have many benefits over collecting them manually, let’s discuss them in detail.

Time Saving

It takes a whole day if you’re colleting debris manually by a simple mesh, but just a couple of hours by pool cleaners. They help to save time and efforts. Robotic cleaners are most time efficient, and get our pool cleaned in an hour. When you open your pool after quite a time, let just say, after winters, you can expect hell lot of debris in it, even if it was covered, because storms can lead to dust in the pool. If you want to clean it up, it can take a whole day, or two, but if you have a good pool cleaner, it is just a matter of an hour or two.

Work Efficiency

They don’t just save time, but their work is going to be better seven days a week than manual done. Manually, we may end up giving up on really small debris, but with them, you can filtrate every type of debris. Same amount of work can now be done in less time, which increases the work efficiency. Also, some pool cleaners use less power, to deliver same work, adding up to overall efficiency. So it is preferable to switch to a pool vacuum as soon as possible.

If we consider suction side cleaners, they’re efficient than manual working on the pool. Pressure side are a better option if your pool is big, and you require to remove some large debris. Robotics work well than all of them, because of their set and free capability. They also clean the whole pool, and filtrate the debris into the bag. Solar ones are suggested if you’re investing good, and a regular user. Their work efficiency depends upon how you’re going to use them.

Cost Effectiveness

If we look at this prospective, they save quite a time, and time is money. They save lot of cost by saving your time, and doing the work all by themselves. Solar pool cleaners use negligible energy to work, making them work almost free. You just need to invest for one time only. Robotic type need electricity, but they do clean the pool with an hour. If you have to make it do by a worker, it is obvious that they’re going to charge more than the electricity consumed. Overall, they help save the money, by making the pool clean, and hygienic, because nobody wants an infection due to debris running in the pools.

Set & Forget Functionality

Most of the pool cleaners work by themselves. So you don’t have to worry constantly about the cleanliness of the pool. You just have to start them, and set them into the pool, rest they have got the skills to do work, efficiently, and save time. Robotic type pool cleaners are best for set and free type functionality, because they have got all the instruments for that. The sensors respond to the main circuit that decides the way and clean up your pool area in no time.

They come with auto shut option that let them work constantly until the shut time is reached, once they finish off, you can empty their bag, or they do it themselves. They clean up every type of debris without giving you any problem.

Different Cleaning Settings

Pool cleaners give you lost of feature and different settings upon they work. They not only clean up the pool, but if you have bought a good pool cleaner, then they can also disinfect the water by their chemical dispenser. You can also make them work according to your time. Basically, you can alter every feature of a pool cleaner, from filtering the debris of your desired size, to which extent. They come up with different cleaning settings to clean things according to your needs.

Robotic pool cleaners have different settings of working, like time of auto shut, area and speed. You can control all these factors by settings available in them. If you buy them, then you have full control of the cleaning.


So, now that you have read the given article and pool cleaners reviews, you are well aware of the different types of models that are available in the market, the features, the brief descriptions, etc. You also very well have an understanding about the need and importance of keeping a pool vacuum and hope this guide will be instrumental to help you choose the top value pool vacuum. So, now that you have all the required knowledge on the topic, what are you hesitant for? Go and conduct a research, choose a particular model and place an order. Gone are the days where you have to break your back for cleaning the pool. You can simply use your pool cleaning device and take a dip in the pool as you please. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the swimming pool anymore!


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